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3Shape Partners With Sevāredent to Supply Its GPO Members With 3Shape Solutions

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3Shape announced an agreement with Sevāredent Sourcing Solutions, a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that brings together like-minded dental organizations to drive supply chain savings and operational efficiencies. The agreement calls for 3Shape to offer its award-winning digital dentistry solutions and training and support services to Sevāredent’s member Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) representing more than 1,800 practices across the USA.

“As part of our ongoing effort to help bring innovative technologies and supply chain value to our GPO members, we are truly excited about this direct partnership with 3Shape. They are well positioned from a technology, service, and support standpoint to aid our DSO members who wish to embrace a digital experience,” said Blake Hibray, Sevāredent President.

Sevāredent DSO members will now have access to 3Shape solutions like 3Shape TRIOS, the unprecedented ten years in a row winner of the Cellerant Best of Class award for intraoral scanners, 3Shape Unite, and 3Shape CAD dental design software apps.

“The partnership is very exciting for 3Shape. Sevāredent is a well-respected supply chain solutions partner for their member DSOs. We believe that the move will truly help to accelerate digital dentistry throughout the states, while solidifying our position as a leading global provider. We look forward to working closely with Sevāredent and its member organizations to help them deliver exceptional patient care,” said Jakob Just-Bomholt, 3Shape CEO.

About Sevāredent Sourcing Solutions, Inc

Founded in 2019, Sevāredent helps dental organizations join together to drive significant cost savings and value so patients can afford dental care. Our strong strategic supplier relationships provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and value for our members.

These savings, relationships, and efficiencies contribute to our collective commitment to help dentist deliver world-class dental care at an affordable price.

For more information, please visit Sevaredent.com.

About 3Shape

3Shape was founded in 2000 by two people determined to unlock opportunities in 3D digital technology. From two, we’ve grown to over 2,000 – and from our beginning in Denmark, we’re now present in over 100 countries around the world.

Our singular purpose remains the same – to advance and connect medical professionals and patients.

We drive progress in digital dentistry with groundbreaking, industry-recognized scanners for clinics and labs. And connect dentists and technicians with software workflows that just flow. We advance and coach professionals on every step of their digital journey – helping to truly elevate the customer experience.

Our impact is reflected in the results we achieve. Every second of every day, our award-winning products restore the confidence of a patient. Decisively going beyond products, we bring ongoing training and education that not only helps professionals stay relevant, it puts them ahead of the game.

We actively advance and connect dentists and lab technicians – the people who are the backbone of the industry.

Advance. Connect. Together.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

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