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5 Mistakes NOT to Make if You Want More Dental Implant Patients

by adminjay

Implants are a popular and profitable procedure. So how does a practice go about attracting more patients who want them? After working in the dental marketing field for some time, we’ve picked up a few tips on what NOT to do…

Mistake # 1 – Sticking to a generic marketing plan when you’re looking for a specific type of patient. A generic marketing strategy is designed to attract generic patients. If your practice is going to attract patients who need dental implants your marketing should also focus on dental implants, with a compelling message that emphases your practice’s expertise in dental implant procedures. Blog about dental implants. Talk about dental implants on social media. Create an email campaign around the benefits of dental implants Make an ad specifically for dental implants at your practice.

Mistake # 2 – Making patients hunt for the information on your practice’s website. If the patient has to click around the website to find information on dental implants, they are likely to give up before they succeed. Make it easy for them to find what they need. That means creating a special page on your site just for dental implants and creating a section that links to it from the home page. Easy peasy.

Mistake # 3 – Creating a landing page that is too generic or technical. If you want patients to come to your practice for dental implants, the information on your website needs to be, specific and engaging. There’s an old marketing saying, “Features tell, but Benefits sell.” It’s true, people buy based on what’s in it for them. If your dental implants landing page is full of technical jargon or general information, prospective patients will lose interest immediately. However, they’ll stay engaged if the page explains the benefits of dental implants. Bonus tip: Including before and after pictures, and perhaps a video, is also a good strategy.

Mistake #4 – Online ads that send a prospective patient to the practice’s homepage. In order for an ad to be most effective, it should lead to something more meaningful, like that great landing page about dental implants you just added to the website. An ad that leads to a home page, or a generic services page, is not going to win anyone over.

Mistake #5 – Not preparing your team. A big part of any marketing strategy is office staff. If people are calling and asking about implants because you’ve just invested time and money in a targeted marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone on your team is prepared to handle questions and reinforce the message you’re sending out. Otherwise, inquiries may go unanswered and potential patients will go elsewhere.

BIG Bonus Tip: Your team is your secret weapon. They have a rapport with all your patients and are the front line for any new-patient inquiries coming in. Your team can speak about the benefits of dental implants on a personal level, talking about the transformations they have seen and maybe even their own experiences.

If you’re looking to increase the number of dental implant procedures at your practice, DO make the most of your marketing dollars. DO focus on what specifically you hope to achieve. DO develop a plan to make it happen. DO target all your online ads to support the desired outcome. DO reiterate your focus using email, blogs, and social media. And lastly, DO train and educate your team to be able to reinforce your plan. All of these actions will most certainly help your practice achieve its goal.

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