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A chair-side technology for improved patient — Oral Science

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Lasers have been used in dentistry for many years. However, more recently soft-tissue diode lasers have been introduced into the market at a lower price point, allowing early adopters to jump on board with utilizing the latest technology.

We know the price point for diode lasers is a big part of the decision-making process, so having a device such as the Photon Laser offered below $4,000 as an affordable option is welcomed. But, what are some of the other considerations when deciding to integrate a soft tissue diode laser into practice? Considering the return-on-investment (ROI) is also important factor, thus understanding what your investment will bring into your practice.

As periodontal disease prevalence is increasing among the general population, a soft-tissue diode laser can become the cornerstone of your dental hygiene department to increase patient satisfaction by contributing to improved predictable clinical results. This will aid in patient compliance and trust with the recommendations and dental hygiene treatment plans, therefore adding to increased revenue.

Below is an example of a possible ROI through a full integration of a diode laser into practice.

Credits: Jo-Anne Jones, RDH

In summary, a soft-tissue diode laser like the Photon can offer the best R.O.I for your dental hygiene department by being the #1 device used by dental hygienists or dentists to perform treatment against gingivitis, periodontal disease and oral lesions through laser bacterial reduction and laser-assisted periodontal therapy (curettage).


At Oral Science we have a soft tissue laser with many unique benefits. It is called the Photon laser, it’s reliable, has exceptional functionality, and is offered at an incredibly low price point. Our dental hygienists are specialized in integrating the Photon Laser into dental offices through demonstration, support, and education on the many different procedures.

The main hygiene procedure includes Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) this is when the laser light is able to have a strong absorption of the darkly pigmented bacteria, with results leading to reduced colony forming units of bacteria from billons to hundreds.

Photo credits: www.northtownedental.com

Below are some of the key features of the Photon 3 Watt dental diode laser that are important know;

It has 810nm diode flexibility and is completely portable with built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface. There are 20 unmatched pre-set programs that are fully editable. It is small in size and makes it easy to store and carry for amazing portability.

Commonly Known Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Procedures with almost no blood
  • Little to no tissue recession
  • Gentle and comfortable
  • Improved post-operative healing

Pre-set Procedures and Customized Programs

The Photon 3 Watt dental diode laser is certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Health Canada (MDL) & European standards, and offers 21 adjustable/customizable programs along with 4 custom programs. An adjustable aiming beam adds to the variousfeatures of this product.

Large LCD and Long-Lasting Battery

It is a good idea to have a large LCD display as it helps with smooth functioning. To ensure the security of your settings the device has digital password protection. It is perfect for minor and major surgeries with a long-lasting battery life that is easy to recharge. These features make the product highly usable and convenient.

Wireless Foot pedal & Disposable Tips

The wireless foot pedal is not only convenient but also very comfortable. It has disposable tips make the dental diode lasers extremely safe. With these features the Photon diode Laser is ready to become the top diode laser used in dentistry for all dental procedures and soft tissue treatments.

Powerful Applications

The Photon Laser is a also surgical dental device and intended for use in a wide range of oral soft tissues and tooth whitening procedures (Photon Plus 10W only). The dental/medical technology of using dental diode lasers is to treat inflamed tissue and infections and is highly recommended as a reliable and instant cure for most periodontal ailments.

List of procedures that can be performed (esthetics and surgical applications) with a soft-tissue diode laser;

  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Excision of lesion or removal of granulation tissue
  • Fibroma removal
  • Frenectomym gingival troughing for crown impressions, gingivoplasty.
  • Hemostasis and coagulation
  • Gingival incision and excision hemostasis
  • Implant recovery
  • Incision and drainage of abscess
  • Leukoplakia
  • Operculectomy
  • Oral papillectomies
  • Pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy
  • Reduction of gingival hypertrophy
  • Soft Tissue crown lengthening
  • Gingival bleeding index
  • Excisional and incisional biopsiesTreatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa
  • Vestibuloplasty

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses specific wavelengths of light to interact with the tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process. It is recommended for patients who suffer from various chronic and acute conditions as it helps eliminate swelling, pain, lower spasms and increases functionality. The Photon 3W is the only laser in Canada which is granted this indication by Health Canada.

Introducing new technologies for patient care is an on-going process. We are at a point in dentistry where the benefits of soft tissue diode laser are clear and having a device that is simple and cost effective is everything. Can you really afford not to jump on board with science and technology?

Please note: The manufacture of The Photon 3W (Zolar Technology & Mfg. Co. Inc.) provided some of the content for this blog.

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