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A group effort for a successful future

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Julie Todd explains how a focus on inventory management can save time and reveal the hidden costs of practices, supporting workflow and best practice.

How did you end up working in dentistry and, most recently, for Kerr?

Julie: When I left school, I became a dental nurse, following in my sister’s footsteps. Over time, my life changed, as it always does. I relocated and decided to alter the direction of my career.

I moved into dental sales and worked for various companies over the years and was very happy. That included working with dental practice groups for the last 11 years. This offers a great basis for my new role.

Most recently, I was told about this opportunity at Kerr working with larger dental practice groups. I was excited by the new challenge, went for it, and here I am!

What do you aim to achieve at Kerr?

Julie: My plan is to get to know and work with as many of the groups as I can, no matter the size. And then show them how Kerr can achieve the best for their patients. And they, in turn, can achieve the best from Kerr.

We have so much to offer our groups and I want to raise awareness of that. More so than has been managed in the past.

I’m rather like a consultant, working with groups to understand their business model and how they’re currently working and where they would like to be. Then I can work within their strategy to ensure they have the right products to hand at the right time, reducing unnecessary stock holding, minimising waste, and saving time.

All that helps to drive value, supporting dentists in their efforts to achieve great results for their patients; irrespective of whether the practice is NHS, mixed or private.

What can groups expect to see from Kerr moving forward?

Julie: I’m keen to help our clients streamline their product use. To make sure what they use is right for them and their patients.

It’s about balancing value with excellent clinical outcomes. Since Kerr has ranges to meet all patient and financial needs, I want to ensure we have appropriately informed our greatly valued groups, so that they can make the most of what we offer.

After all, Kerr products have been around for 130 years now, and we have this incredible heritage. Patients who receive dental care in the form of Kerr products are getting treated with products that have stood the test of time.

I want to ensure that dental professionals understand that Kerr has a lot to recommend. And to offer guidance as to what is best in individual circumstances.

Of course, that doesn’t apply only to groups; individual practices are extremely important to Kerr, too. We have a great team working throughout the UK. We deliver a bespoke service to smaller businesses in much the same way as I do for corporates and larger groups.

You mentioned NHS and private dentistry earlier. In terms of what you can offer, is there a distinction between private and NHS?

Julie: Whatever type of practice is being run; Kerr has products ranges in line with the level of resources are available.

At one end we have the highly aesthetic Artisan range. Then there is the Simplicity range, which focuses on simplifying the process while maintaining aesthetics, saving time and money.

Offering a different set of benefits is the Pentron range. This is great where there is pressure on price for the dentist, without compromising on quality.

Beyond product recommendations, what can you offer clients to support them in their endeavours?

Julie: As you suggest, it’s not just offering a product for the sake of offering a product to try and get it into a practice. That’s why we listen to our clients, to understand their needs and consider whether there are ways anything might be improved for them.

That might translate into organising bespoke training for a practice, demonstrating a product, or offering samples so that they can get a feel of what I am suggesting might be useful.

As this is a new role, I can concentrate fully on meeting the needs of our customers in the DSO category. So, not only can I organise training, I can also ensure we set these up in simplified way, arranging for practices to log onto an area on our website bespoke to them.

There, they can find their training schedule, book the course of their choice, and receive reminders. All without having to scroll through information that is not pertinent to them.

This is further recognition of the dental team’s work environment. We understand that they’re busy, so we engage with them in a way that works for them.

What we do isn’t all about sales, and nor should it be. Your patients and your practices depend on you, and you can depend on us.

Kerr can support your group with

  • A range of dental consumables to suit all clinical needs
  • Information (support and guidance) to simplify your workflow and inventory management without compromising on quality
  • A team with a wealth of knowledge to help you with any queries you have
  • Bespoke education for the whole team
  • Support at group conferences
  • Group rewards and special offers
  • And much more…

If you would like to know more about how your group can work in partnership with Julie to meet your needs and those of your patients, please visit to.kerrdental.com/group, email julie.todd@kerrdental.com or call 07933 418738.

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