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A Shift to Virtual Consultations for Your Dental Practice

by adminjay

Practices are facing unprecedented times and the most savvy practices are taking this opportunity to shift their marketing focus and find ways to stay relevant and active. We are shifting our campaigns to focus on virtual consults in order to help our clients continue to see new and existing patients while their practice is either fully or partially closed. We suggest you do the same.

This shift not only focuses on new patients but existing patients as well. You’d use a software package that allows you to meet virtually, such as zoom.us or doxy.me. The way these systems work are, patients are able to input their name, email, and schedule their virtual consult right on your website or landing page by choosing a date and time that works for you, when you are available. You choose the days and times you are available so it all works seamlessly. This wouldn’t interact with your practice management software’s schedule, but for those whose practices are closed anyway we don’t think that will be an issue. We also suggest adding a new section to the top of your website home page and landing pages that promotes these free virtual consults to new and existing patients, in addition to promoting this to your existing patients via email and Facebook. This will give you the opportunity to get in touch with patients who have been considering treatment but are still on the fence. This would also give you the opportunity to build more rapport with them and get them closer to making a decision when normal operations resume.

We are also suggesting you produce video content. Any videos you can put together you should utilize on Facebook. Even if you are recapping the most recent updates or good articles you read. People are looking to their medical providers for advice and guidance. This is your time to be the authority and provide valuable information to the public. So much misinformation is being passed around, and you can help clear that up. If you elevate yourself now, you have the opportunity to get in front of new eyes. The video can be very casual, keep it steady by propping up your phone in front of you, make sure you have good lighting, and it doesn’t need to be too long.

If you want to take that same concept and message in the video and put it into written form, you can then utilize it for a blog, email and even post it to your Google My Business page.

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