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A Valentine’s Day Classic from Cupid Kirk

by adminjay

The day is fast approaching. You know, that day. Soon the greeting card aisle at the drugstore will be packed with panicked, confused, wannabe Cupids. The floral department at your grocery store will look like a scene from The Walking Dead. There will be a zombie apocalypse of procrastinating dudes delaying their best intentions until the last minute. Don’t even bother trying to find a dinner reservation.

Whether you love love or think Valentine’s Day is a load of hogwash (or maybe both), it’s hard to ignore all the marketing aimed at this holiday. And yet, we often delay buying tokens of our affection for loved ones until the very last minute. Surely, it’s not because of a lack of appreciation. Maybe you have another love language, like acts of service. Or perhaps you’re so wrapped up in your practice that you aren’t even sure what month it is.

Cupid Kirk has been known to fill out that card on February 14…in the garage…at 5:00pm. Sometimes, the day just sneaks up on you. Consider this our helpful reminder to get to the store ASAP and beat the February 14 rush.

More importantly, here’s some heartfelt and heart-shaped advice: finish with that last patient, get out of the office early and make sure your staff leaves too. The person or people you see at the end of the day make all the hours before it worthwhile. Being present is more important than any present you can find at the store. Remembering this – on Valentine’s Day and every day – is the key to a better practice and a better life.

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