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A Valuable Resource: The Clinical Advisory Board – Part II

by adminjay

Last month, I wrote about how at My Dental Agency we established a Clinical Advisory Board, a group of trusted dental professionals whom we rely on to keep us current on industry trends and needs. I explained that I use the CAB as a sounding board to help me engage with my clients more deeply and personally, and I also use it as a resource for accurate, up-to-date, clinical information. In this article, I want to go a bit deeper, because the CAB is also a resource for our clients and dental professionals who don’t work with us and are looking for advice on how digital marketing can benefit them.

So, what does the CAB do for our clients? I asked Dr. Lee Brown from Brown & Gettings, DDS in Westchester, OH to give me his views on the value of the CAB. Dr. Brown is a highly recognized dentist and practice owner in the Cincinnati area and an MDA client who has seen tremendous success since partnering with us for all of his digital marketing needs. He is also a member of the CAB.

I asked him what he would think as a prospective client if I were to tell him we had a clinical advisory board. He responded, stating, “As practice owners, we face challenges that are unique to our industry. My Dental Agency is smart to recognize they should focus on their strengths (marketing your practice) and ask others to provide insight into the minds/hearts of doctors like you.” He clearly believes in the benefits of the CAB for our clients and that sharing information can only strengthen relationships across the board.

When asked about the concrete benefits of having the CAB, he responded with, “We [the CAB] are working together to make sure the marketing materials are clinically accurate so we can help our patients. We are working to make sure the strategies [MDA has] developed can be easily deployed into your practice. We are working together to be your advocate and proactively provide the tools needed to maximize your investment.” As part of the CAB, Dr. Brown is actually part of our development process. He consults with us directly when we have a specific question, and he is available to review the marketing we create from a clinical standpoint. There are few other marketing agencies out there that have this type of resource available to them.

Having the CAB allows us to tailor marketing even more specifically to our clients’ needs and keep it as clinically accurate as possible. And while some marketing is geared more towards sales and attracting new patients, a good portion also involves information that can be quite technical in nature. That is when the CAB is extremely helpful to us and to our clients. When we are working on something technical, it is advantageous to have a group of reliable experts on our side to confirm our claims and back up our research.

Dr. Brown is one member of the CAB, and his willingness to assist our efforts and be a resource for our existing and prospective clients is echoed by his peers who are also part of the CAB. He believes in what we do for dental practices because he has seen first hand how hard we work and what we are able to provide that he has never been able to find elsewhere. His final word on the subject: “To further their efforts in developing your practice [MDA] created the Clinical Advisory Board, and I am honored to help anyone they partner with.”

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