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Agilio Software launches first dental-specific people and HR management tool

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Specialist UK dental software technology provider, Agilio Software, has developed a comprehensive HR and people management software solution, Iteam – the first dental-specific HR system on the market.

Utilising decades of experience and expertise in the industry, the new Iteam system is designed and developed to cater for both the general HR business needs of a dental practice, as well as operational daily activities, such as rota, recruitment, and attendance.

This latest addition to Agilio’s product portfolio, which includes Icomply and Ilearn, comes as it recognises the need for an innovative solution to support dental businesses to overcome people management challenges such as staff recruitment and retention.

Agilio’s experienced team of technology specialists developed the new system. As well as dentists, nurses, and dental business managers. It recognises the daily activities that take place in practice. Together with the challenges they bring.

Iteam – allowing practices to thrive

Iteam has removed the administrative burden. It allows both employed and self-employed persons to load documents and to read/receive policies at home. As well as giving all team members access to rota and holiday planning for up to a year ahead.

With dental staff being regarded as the most valuable and expensive resource for dental businesses, Iteam’s main aim is to support recruitment and retention by reducing staff turnover.

Roxanne Gibson is senior HR adviser at Agilio Software. She said: ‘One of the biggest benefits of Iteam to dental professionals is the rota feature.

‘It allows practices to schedule their rotas up to a year in advance. This means staff have more control over their working lives. It encourages attendance, which in turn cuts down agency costs and reduces staff conflict. It establishes a transparent rota structure for the whole 12 months rather than monthly iterations.

‘The system also flags any problems such as insufficient staffing or inadequate nurse to dentist ratio.

‘At Agilio, we’re always looking at different ways to use our expertise and knowledge to respond to the needs of dental practices and help them to thrive.

‘Iteam offers dental practices and businesses a solution that will simply save them time and money. It cuts down admin time, optimises the scheduling of work, improves staff retention, and streamlines communication across the entire organisation.’

Agilio Software provides the dental, primary care, and hospital sectors with a range of technology solutions. It has a long-term vision of bringing the three sectors together to share knowledge and technology to allow healthcare professionals to thrive and succeed.

The firm has offices in Wallsend, Sheffield, and Exeter.

For more information visit www.agiliosoftware.com.

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