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Avant Garde Away Days – elevating your patients’ experience

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We hear from two delegates about Avant Garde’s Digital Composite Veneers Tour and what they took away from the day.

The first stop of Avant Garde’s Digital Composite Veneers Tour was in Stamford Bridge, London.

After a morning of learning the theory of the injection mould technique and the patient journey, delegates took part in a hands-on practical guided by one of Avant Garde’ clinicians Dr Stephen Mullan.

During this practical we caught up with some of the delegates to see how they were getting on and finding the course so far.

Taking the workflow back to practice

Dr Omo found the theory with Dr Robbie Hughes to be greatly insightful. She got to understand the consultation process in detail and ‘The fine details as to what drives patient’s decisions’.

The lecture content has been ‘relevant’ according to Dr Nicola. She also feels confident to take this workflow back into practice immediately to elevate her patient’s experience.

Both delegates have received the course well. And both feel confident in adopting this workflow immediately and working with the Avant Garde team to deliver quality composite veneers cases.

The next stop on the Digital Composite Veneers Tour is sold out. However, the next available location is Dublin, Aviva Stadium.

If you are Ireland based, don’t miss our only stop in Ireland! – www.avantgardedentistry.co.uk/event-details/aviva-stadium.

Don’t miss out on locations near you – www.avantgardedentistry.co.uk.

Join the elite. Become an Avant Garde clinician.

Hear from more delegates

  • Chinwe Akuonu
  • Amy Hills.

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