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Bounce Back Stronger – Keep Reading To See What You Should Be Doing

by adminjay

In just a few short months, our lives have changed dramatically. How we grocery shop, do schoolwork and visit the dentist is going to look very different for the time being. As we venture back into the public, many are still unsure how to navigate this new environment, despite the dos and don’ts we receive through the news. One thing that provides comfort during these uncertain times, however, is hearing from our local officials, and health professionals like you. Keeping up communication to your audience is critical now more than ever not just for your practice but for the well being of your patients, too.

I know I’ve been writing frequently about the importance of communication during this time, and even though your office may not be open yet, we continue to stress the use of all your marketing channels to get the word out about what is going on in your practice. Keep up your outreach with videos and other messaging to your patients on your website, Facebook, email, blog and Google My Business because you won’t be seeing all of them right away. Many are waiting to be rescheduled and it will take time to see them all. By keeping up with your communication you can still keep in touch with patients and give them updates to make them feel assured and let them know about any new protocols.

What we’ve learned during this challenging time is that relationships matter more than ever. Your patients have been waiting and do want to hear from you. By posting on Facebook, sending an email and updating your website, you can give them all the information they need to understand how you are moving forward with appointments. It will also make them feel cared about and respected. Now is not the time to leave people to find out information on their own. They need guidance and your marketing channels can do just that.

From simple “We’re Open” posts to how you are taking extra precautions, there is plenty of information you can share with your audience. Not only will this type of open communication help put your community at ease it will put your practice in a stronger position. Many practices stopped marketing altogether and it will be difficult to bounce back. Instead, take advantage of the opportunity to share your practice and continue to build relationships that matter.

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