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BURST Oral Care Launches Professional Whitening Trays for At-Home

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BURST Oral Care continues its mission of creating brighter smiles with the launch of their new Teeth Whitening Trays by BURST. Designed for safe and easy use, this powerful at-home whitening treatment was created with the collaborative support of hundreds of members from BURST’s community of over 35,000 hygienists and dentists to ensure the trays are effective, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive smiles.

BURST Oral Care’s new Teeth Whitening Trays were designed in collaboration with BURST’s ambassador community of hygienists and dental professionals for professional grade brightening results, and safe and easy at-home use.

The new trays combine 12.5% hydrogen peroxide with acidity-lowering potassium hydroxide and soothing xylitol to achieve professional grade brightening results. Each custom-fit tray comes prefilled to reach in-between spaces and hard-to-reach places with no guesswork, molding, or impressions – just hassle-free 15-minute treatments for a noticeably brighter smile after one use, and dramatically whiter teeth after the full 7-day course.

The trays are vegan and cruelty-free, and the formula contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, major allergens, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

“At BURST, we know the difference a bright smile can make for one’s confidence. With our new Teeth Whitening Trays, we wanted to make whitening easy, safe, and accessible. These trays provide hassle-free whitening in 15 minutes for a noticeably brighter smile, either at home and on your schedule,” says BURST Co-founder and President Brittany Stewart.

“We are proud to introduce a professional grade, at-home whitening treatment that works. Tested and approved by our dental community, these trays target those stubborn stains from the comfort of your own home,” says Hamish Khayat, BURST Oral Care Co-Founder and CEO. “At BURST, we never settle when it comes to quality oral care – this new offering was carefully formulated with the optimal amount of hydrogen peroxide for truly amazing results, while being carefully balanced with soothing ingredients for an effective, easy, and elevated way to whiten at home.”

The BURST Teeth Whitening Trays are $79.99 for a full course of 7 treatments, and are available at burstoralcare.com.


BURST launched in 2017 and quickly became one of the fastest-growing eCommerce companies in the U.S. A trailblazing subscription service, BURST developed its premier sonic toothbrush in collaboration with a community of BURST Ambassador Dental Professionals.

Together with these professionals, they continue to produce best-in-class products that provide for total oral health – and have fun while doing it!

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