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Carbon Launches AO Stack, Enhancing Overnight Printing Capabilities for Dental Labs

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Carbon, a leader in product development and additive manufacturing technology, proudly announces the launch of AO Stack, the newest addition to its Automatic Operation suite of solutions. Specifically designed for the Carbon M2 and M3 printers, AO Stack is another software tool designed to increase printing capabilities, allowing dental labs to print multiple builds worth of DPR10 models in one print run without supervision.


AO Stack allows Carbon users to produce up to three times more models in a single unattended print cycle, perfect for the last print of the day. This underscores Carbon’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of dental lab technology and continuing the innovation within the Automatic Operation suite of solutions launched earlier this year.

“The introduction of AO Stack is a milestone in our ongoing quest to innovate and provide transformative solutions to our customers,” said Brice Harkey, Senior Product Manager of Oral Health at Carbon. “By allowing up to three builds worth of models on a single unattended print, AO Stack offers the opportunity for an increase in overnight production capabilities without additional hardware or oversight.”

Key Features of AO Stack Include:

  • Increased Unattended Throughput: Capable of producing up to three times more models in a single print run than traditional single-layer printing, while unattended.
  • Ease of Integration: AO Stack is designed for seamless incorporation into daily operations, supported by comprehensive resources from Carbon Academy.

AO Stack Availability and Integration:

Starting May 17, 2024, AO Stack will be accessible to Carbon M2 and M3 customers utilizing DPR10 as part of their subscription.

For access, please reach out to support@carbon3d.com. Customers must be on a software release version 1.41 or above to access this feature.

For more information about AO Stack and the AO Suite from Carbon, visit https://www.carbon3d.com/products/ao-suite or contact your local Carbon representative.

About Carbon

Carbon is a 3D printing technology company that empowers businesses to develop superior products and bring them to market faster. Utilizing its proprietary Digital Light Synthesis technology, Carbon offers versatile printers, advanced software, and high-quality materials that converge to deliver exceptional functional parts.

From prototyping to mass production, global enterprises rely on Carbon’s solutions to deliver products that surpass performance and aesthetic expectations. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Carbon is at the forefront of 3D printing innovation and continues to evolve its capabilities across various industries.

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