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CleanJoy: Fluoride-Containing Prophy Paste in Three Cleaning Grits

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VOCO introduces CleanJoy, a fluoride-containing, splatter-free, less abrasive prophy paste in three cleaning grits and three delicious flavors. Containing fluoride (700ppm) and xylitol, paraben-free and available in SingleDose cups, CleanJoy is a safe, hygienic and effective paste for the prevention of caries, the removal of soft and hard surface plaque, the removal of extrinsic stains (e.g., coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.), the polishing of tooth surfaces and restorations as part of professional cleanings, and more.

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CleanJoy is available in caramel, mint, and cherry flavors and in three less abrasive grits—fine, medium and course—for use in a wide range of clinical situations. The fine grit features a low enough abrasion grade (RDA) that it is suitable for use with implants. CleanJoy has a stable, homogenous consistency, will not clump or dry out, and does not splatter, even when used with a polisher spinning at up to 3,000 rpms. VOCO is proud to add CleanJoy to its large catalog of high-quality product solutions that continue to service dental professionals and their patients throughout North America.

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