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COVID-19 – 43% of Brits visited dentist less often

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More people in Britain stopped visiting the dentist during the pandemic than in any other country in Europe.

This is according to new research from GSK Consumer Healthcare in partnership with IPSOS.

A significant 43% of Brits visited a dentist less often since the onset of the pandemic.

Additionally, 18% of British consumers do not intend to visit a dentist over the next six months. This is due to concerns regarding virus transmission from dental equipment or from others in the waiting room.

And although there is increased snack consumption among Brits (30%), just 9% have upped their teeth brushing.

This comes as recent PHE statistics reveal growing oral health inequalities among children.

Discrepancies in the prevalence of tooth decay in five-year-old children between the country’s richest and most deprived communities spiked from 2008 to 2019.

For dental caries and tooth loss, studies reveal that absolute inequalities narrowed over time. However, relative inequalities have not.

Good oral healthcare

Jonathan Workman is area general manager for Great Britain and Ireland at GSK Consumer Healthcare. He said: ‘We know just how important good oral healthcare is to the wellbeing of consumers. As well as the longer-term negative impact that avoiding regular visits to the dentists can have.

‘Despite the many COVID-safe environments that dentists are creating, we also recognise that there are still some concerns amongst people in the UK regarding visiting a dentist.

‘As one of the world’s largest providers of specialist oral health, it’s our responsibility to reassure consumers of the great work that dentists have done to keep their practices safe and open.

‘It’s our role to help consumers understand the necessity and benefits of regularly visiting the dentist, as part of a holistic self-care routine. With our support, we hope dentists can continue to play a crucial role in maintaining British consumer’s oral healthcare practices.’

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