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Dan and Wayne in conversation with the IDDA – scan, plan and treat with Active Aligners

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Join Dr Dan Shaffer, Dr Wayne Hirschowitz and Professor Adam Nulty on 25 July at 7pm as they discuss scanning, planning and treating with Active Aligners.

Delegates will understand IOS selection and see a live scanning demo by professor Adam Nulty. Following case discussion and assessment of the Smile Simulation, delegates will be able to assess the ease of aligner case delivery and gain an understanding of how to maximise the business case and revenue streams.

Learning outcomes

  • The role of a digital Intra Oral Scanner in aligner therapy
    • Starting your journey as a digital dentist
    • The limitations of traditional impression taking
    • Considerations when purchasing an IOS
    • Managing the scanning workflow
    • Technicalities associated with using an IOS in aligner planning
    • Getting the education you need
    • Getting started and choosing your first case.
  • Starting your aligner journey – making the right decisions
    • Identifying what motivates patients to initiate therapy
    • Using the Smile simulation to showcase the patient’s future smile
    • Handling patient concerns around IPR and attachments
    • Driving future revenue with enhanced treatment plan acceptance
    • Setting price points to increase conversion rates.

Dan Shaffer

Dan is an experienced dentist and dental technician, who has a passion and flair for all things digital.

His dental practice, a private digital restorative practice in Hertfordshire, is well respected in the area by patients and dental professionals alike.

Over the past two decades he has been committed to training dental professionals on behalf of Dental Protection Ltd, has taught at GKT and delivered many in practice training programmes.

He is an experienced broadcaster and filmmaker delivering countless lectures and training courses on Dentolegal and digital dental subjects in the UK and abroad.

Dr Dan Shaffer is co-founder and clinical lead of Active Aligners UK.

Wayne Hirschowitz

Wayne qualified in South Africa in 1988 and completed post graduate training in 1998.

He is a dental practice owner in Edgware, Middlesex as well as in Cranbrook, Kent and was ex clinical director of vantage health; an IT telemedicine company.

Wayne has a special interest in forensic odontology and has been deployed abroad attending mass disaster incidents.

His love of teaching encompasses both at his alma mater as well as mentoring troubled young people.

Dr Wayne Hirschowitz is co-founder of Active Aligners UK.

Adam Nulty

Adam a highly experienced clinician with a special interest in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, digital dentistry and implant dentistry.

In 2013 he completed a master of science degree in restorative and aesthetic dentistry and is currently researching guided implant dentistry in a PhD at Leeds University.

Adam lectures and mentors on the restorative and aesthetics MSc for Manchester University and is course director and lecturer for several guided implant systems.

Adam is a respected lecturer and mentor in the field of 3D radiography, digital dentistry, implant planning and template guided implant placement.

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