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Dental Lifeline Network Celebrates 2022’s Grant Contributions!

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Dental Lifeline Network and its many state-level DDS programs are made possible through the generous grants provided by dozens of funders across the country. These funders range from large corporations to small, local foundations. It is through these contributions that we may continue to support the coordination of our network of volunteers, which in 2022 included 13,472 dentists and 3,315 dental laboratories, who donate their time and expertise to provide patients with lifechanging comprehensive dental care.

In 2022, Dental Lifeline Network’s supporters donated nearly $2 million. These funds supported the coordination of volunteers across the country, providing more than 6,500 patients with $19 million worth of donated dental treatment. The DDS program serves those who are elderly, disabled, or medically compromised, and are unable to afford dental treatment.

“We are grateful for the commitment shown by our volunteer dentists and laboratories who continue to help those in need,” said Lynda Ricketson, Dental Lifeline Network’s President and CEO. “None of our work would be possible without the generosity of donors that enable Dental Lifeline Network to operate and coordinate treatment. We are thrilled to see the impact of such contributions continue to grow. As we enter the new year, we celebrate the accomplishments of 2022 made possible by the combined efforts of donors and volunteers, and look forward to continuing in 2023.”

Among those served this year was Michael, a Navy veteran living in California. Thanks to the coordination made possible through these funders, Michael was able to receive thousands of dollars’ worth of donated dental treatment, restoring his oral health and his smile. Speaking on his experience, he stated, “I think DDS is a great concept that appears to be a huge success, and a great thing for helping veterans, the elderly, and people with disabilities that can’t afford to go it alone. God Bless you people for your dedication and the great networking you do that makes it all possible.”

Michael is one of thousands who have benefited. These sentiments were echoed by Latonya, 38, who is a mother of two living in Florida. “I want to thank everybody involved in the process. You didn’t have to do anything, but did and I’m thankful to anyone who has had a part in this. It’s a whole team working together and you all did a great job collaborating with one another to make this happen for me. My new smile has restored my self-esteem and confidence.”


Dental Lifeline Network is grateful for the tremendous contributions made by each of its partners. Below is a list of each partner who provided supported the DDS program through grant funding this year. Please note that some grantors requested to remain anonymous, and have not been listed.



Delta Dental Community Care Foundation                           $50,000

Guardian Life Insurance Companies                                       $250,000

MetLife Foundation                                                                    $200,000

Next Fifty Initiative                                                                     $150,000

Patterson Foundation                                                                 $50,000



Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation                                        $30,000



Gary and Mary West Foundation                                             $27,000

Delta Dental Community Care Foundation                            $2,500



Anschutz Family Foundation                                                     $7,500

Colorado Dental Association Foundation                               $5,000

Daniels Fund                                                                                 $50,000

Lowe Fund, The Denver Foundation                                       $15,000

Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust                                           $10,000

Schlessman Family Foundation                                                $5,000

Virginia Hill Foundation                                                            $15,000



Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation                                 $30,000



American Dental Partners Foundation                                  $5,000

Batchelor Foundation                                                                $10,000

Quantum Foundation                                                                $5,000



Hawaii Dental Service Foundation                                         $20,000



Carl R Hendrickson Family Foundation                                $10,000

Community Memorial Foundation                                         $22,000

Delta Dental of Illinois                                                               $25,000

Dr. Scholl Foundation                                                                $10,000

Foundation for Health Enhancement                                     $10,000

Fill Circle Foundation                                                                 $7,500

Helen Brach Foundation                                                            $10,000

Illinois State Dental Society                                                       $7,500

Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust          $10,000

Sage Foundation                                                                           $10,000

Telligen Community Initiative                                                   $15,000

The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation                                           $10,000

VNA Foundation                                                                           $10,000



Central Indiana Senior Fund                                                     $15,000

Delta Dental Foundation                                                            $25,000

Dr. Louis and Anne B. Schneider Trust                                   $8,337

John W. Anderson Foundation                                                 $5,000

Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Memorial Foundation, Inc.             $5,000



George H. Nettleton Home                                                      $15,000

Lewis H. Humphreys Charitable Trust                                  $5,800

Taylor S. & Patti Harding Abernathy Charitable Trust       $10,000



Delta Dental of Kentucky                                                           $35,000



Albemarle Foundation                                                               $2,000

American Dental Partners Foundation                                  $5,000

EJ and Marjory Ourso Family Foundation                           $7,500

Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust                                            $5,000

United Way of Southeast Louisiana                                        $25,000



Mascoma Bank                                                                             $1,500

Northeast Delta Dental Foundation                                        $12,500



Delta Dental of Massachusetts                                                 $11,500

Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation                            $12,500



Minnesota Dental Foundation                                                  $90,000



Delta Dental of Missouri                                                            $12,000



Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation                             $10,000

Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities                 $10,000


New Hampshire

Cogswell Benevolent Trust                                                       $5,000

Mascoma Bank                                                                            $1,500

New Hampshire Dental Society                                               $2,500

Northeast Delta Dental Society                                                $35,000


New Jersey

Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation                                $10,000

Lillian P. Schenck Foundation                                                 $5,000

The C. Northrop and Alethea Marder Pond                          $9,000


New York

  1. Van Ameringen Foundation $15,000


North Carolina

4 Others Foundation                                                                  $22,000

Cameron Charitable Trust                                                         $10,000

Delta Dental Foundation                                                           $10,000

Mary Lynn Richardson Fund                                                    $5,000

North Carolina Community Foundation via                          $30,000

The Louise Oriole Burevitch Endowment                              $5,000

Raymond J. & Mary C. Reisert Foundation, Inc.

Triad Foundation, Inc.                                                                $10,000


North Dakota

North Dakota Dental Foundation                                             $5,712



Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust                                               $2,500


Rhode Island

Amica Companies Foundation                                                  $2,500

June Rockwell Levy Foundation                                               $7,500

Rhode Island Foundation                                                           $14,785



Mascoma Bank                                                                             $1,500

Northeast Delta Dental Foundation                                        $35,000



Costco Wholesale Companies                                                   $5,000

Daniels Fund                                                                                $25,000

Glaser Foundation                                                                       $5,000



Wyoming Community Foundation                                          $5,000

Wyoming Delta Dental Foundation                                         $5,000

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