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Dental Marketing App Becoming The Ultimate Resource For Dentists

by adminjay

Most dental practices throughout North America are trying to generate new dental patients through a variety of online and offline marketing initiatives.

In turn, creating unique content for their social media profiles and dental websites is of paramount importance.

DentalYear App provides dental practices with 365 days of holiday suggestions to celebrate, daily marketing tips, weekly exercises, video content, industry news, and a whole lot more to smile about.

DentalYear is the leading Marketing App in Dentistry! Created by marketers, this resourceful platform helps your Dental Practice in a variety of ways. Content Inspiration, Real Time Marketing Ideas, Tips on ROI with your current methods, Fresh Resources, and lots more.

According to App creator Brad Newman, founder and chief buzz officer of Dentainment, “We developed the DentalYear App to help dental practices become more experiential and structured with their content initiatives. Creating unique and fresh content on a daily basis, that also shares the story of individual teams, will be the key to establishing brand identity in their crowded local markets.”

The app continues to add features and resources for members, along with obsessing on the UX (user experience) for everyone. The video content library has become the most popular feature, as one user describes this as “Our most strategic, powerful and noteworthy postings since our office started using Social Media. We constantly search for new files to download and post on our Instagram account.”

DentalYear has since made all video downloads complimentary for active App users.

Having more fun with one’s marketing initiatives just got a whole lot easier, as the DentalYear App lets users know when to celebrate holidays like #NationalSushiDay, #NationalDentistsDay, #WorldOralHealthDay, and others on a daily basis. According to Newman, “If you’re going to eat lunch together anyways, why not get strategic and enjoy something that will also allow you to capture timely content? It’s almost irresponsible not to combine your dental team’s food choices with current holidays, as long as they meet their required dietary and nutritional desires.”

The app’s latest updates include a “Lunch & Learn Live Series,” which happens on a monthly basis. This feature allows DentalYear members to network with the community and tap into the best dental marketing success stories, while also learning about the latest trends and insights from around the worldwide dental industry.

Download the DentalYear App on iOS or Android today!

Visit DentalYear.com.

Created by marketers, this resourceful platform helps your dental practice in a variety of ways.

Content inspiration, real-time marketing ideas, tips on ROI with your current methods, fresh resources, and lots more of the best dental marketing strategies!

Powered by Dentainment.

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