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DentaQual Leaders in Quality EliteStar Dentist & Practice Award Winners

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P&R Dental Strategies, LLC (P&R), the dental industry’s source for data-driven business intelligence and quality measurement solutions, announced the recipients of this year’s DentaQual EliteStar Dentist & Practice Awards.

EliteStar scores are calculated using DentaQual, P&R’s objective, data-driven quality measurement platform. DentaQual uses a dentist’s actual claims data to score the dentist across multiple categories of quality metrics and then compares the dentist’s scores to the average scores among that dentist’s peers in the same specialty and geography.

DentaQual scores are based on insurance claims data in DentaBase, P&R’s multi-payer, fee-for-service, continually updated dental claims database, with over 4 billion dental procedures derived from claims data sourced from over 65 national and regional dental benefits plans.

This is the fourth year for the annual EliteStar Awards, which recognize the top ten performing dentists and practices in each state based on their 2021 practicing behavior.

Paul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R, said: “Celebrating high-quality dental care, and the dental professionals who provide it to their communities, is a critically important initiative for the dental industry. These top-quality providers and practices serve their patients with the highest-quality dental care in their states, and, thanks to the DentaQual quality measurement platform, we can demonstrate that quality with truly objective data. Congratulations to this year’s EliteStar dentists and practices!”

The full list of dentists and practices receiving this year’s DentaQual EliteStar Awards can be found on the DentaQual Leaders in Quality website along with additional information about the program and further details on how DentaQual objectively measures dental quality.

Visit www.DentaQualLeadersInQuality.com.

About P&R Dental Strategies, LLC

P&R Dental Strategies is the premier dental insights company delivering customized, actionable business intelligence powered by DentaBase, our national multi-payer, fee-for-service claims database.

P&R Dental Strategies’ flexible, cutting-edge technology platform provides an enterprise-level suite of quality measurement, business forecasting, claim review and utilization management, provider profiling, fraud and abuse prevention and network development solutions to customers seeking to contain costs and maximize efficiency across their businesses.

P&R Dental Strategies customers can depend on the support of an industry-leading team of dentists, consultants and statisticians to focus on their unique challenges.

Website: https://www.pandrdental.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pandrdentalstrategies

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