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Dentistry Cribs – Smiles by Gurms

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This month Gurms Raja shows us around the newly-opened private practice, Smiles by Gurms, found in Leicester.

Smiles by Gurms only recently opened earlier this year in March. The practice contains two surgeries with plans to establish further surgeries on the second floor next year.

Despite only recently opening, bookings are filling up quickly due to the pent up demand in the surrounding area.

‘We really wanted to create a non-clinical environment,’ Gurs explains.

‘We want this space to feel like a comfortable, almost spa-like space. Like a luxurious hotel lobby so that patients can feel comfortable and relaxed.

‘We want patients to feel special so we’ve also created a beautiful surgery space. It’s a lovely grand-looking room, which is nice and airy with high ceilings.’

Smiles by Gurms

The practice is an old converted NHS vaccine office and required a lot of updating to get it to such a high specification finish.

Despite currently only having two surgeries, there is an easy flow through the practice. The rooms have plenty of space and high ceilings to give the practice a light and airy feel.

Throughout the practice Dr Raja included branding, including on a selfie board, to ensure word of mouth continues to bring new patients.

‘It was really difficult to create this space,’ Gurs continued.

‘We wanted to incorporate the old features of the building. So we had to amalgamate the two and make them seamlessly fit within the modern look.

‘I had so much help from family and friends and am forever grateful for all of those guys. Down to the artwork, I truly believe whatever you build is built on goodwill from patients, family and friends.’

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