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Dentistry Online podcast with Laura Maddison

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We chat to Laura Maddison about her unique journey from dental nurse to dentist – and what both roles have taught her about dentistry.

Laura Maddison – a foundation dentist from Sunderland – opens up about her dental experiences and talks us through her first six months working in practice.

After qualifying as a dentist in the summer of 2020, Laura discusses how she’s adapted to the role after years working as a dental nurse and how this has helped her be better at what she does.

‘I love having my own patients, I love that they’re my patients and I’m doing the treatment plans myself,’ she says.

‘You get a bit more job satisfaction out of the fact that you’ve taken away that toothache and you’ve sorted something out for them. Especially when you get a really grateful patient, it’s lovely.

‘I’m just doing things that I never, ever imagined I would be, so that’s good really. I remember in third year when I took my first tooth out, I had this imposter syndrome. I was like: ‘Why is my hand on the forceps?’

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Captivate.

Topics include: 

  • Getting into dentistry
  • Completing a dental degree
  • Differences between dental nursing and being a dentist
  • First six months as a foundation dentist
  • Key challenges
  • Advice for dental nurses
  • Other interests.

This podcast was recorded via Zoom.

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