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Dentistry Online podcast with Maria Papavergos – Dentistry Online

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Maria Papavergos speaks to Dentistry Online about why she thinks dental teams need to be talking to patients about veganism. 

On this week’s podcast episode, we speak to Dr Maria Papavergos, a dental surgeon and nutritional therapist.

We discuss the importance of the oral microbiome and how oral health is linked to a spectrum of lifestyle factors – and not just smoking and drinking.

With a significant spike in new lifestyle trends, Maria thinks dental teams are well placed to talk to patients about their choices including diets such as veganism.

And she believes these conversations could pave the way for better overall health.

‘It would be the dream if marketing could be more controlled with stricter rules but unfortunately at the moment, it is a bit of a minefield,’ she says.

‘For example, there’s a lot of dietary fads and things that people do where they think they’re doing the best for themselves. But actually, the long-term effects are not necessarily positive.’

Listen on Spotify, Captivate or below.

 Topics include:

  • Importance of oral health
  • Why oral health needs to be talked about
  • The oral microbiome
  • Impact of factors such as stress
  • Veganism
  • The marketing of unhealthy snacks
  • Yoga

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