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Dentistry Online podcast with Victoria Wilson – Dentistry Online

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In our latest podcast, Dentistry Online talks to Victoria Wilson about her oral health project and the positives dental professionals can take away from the pandemic. 

In our seventh episode, we welcome Victoria, a dental therapist and founder of the Smile Revolution. The project aims to promote oral health messages to support progress within the industry.

We discuss the profession going forward, the enthusiasm behind the Smile Revolution – and what it was like acting in films in the Middle East.

‘Historically, we have always worked by seeing patients. But I think this is the time for us to all realise how connecting with our patients remotely has the potential to support their oral health,’ she says.

‘I think the potential value of this is maybe starting to be recognised more and more. I think from a preventative standpoint, this way of communicating will certainly live on after what we’re currently going through.

‘It has the potential to really impact oral health and reduce the burden of oral health inequalities around the world.’

Victoria is also the founder and former president of the Emirates Dental Hygienist Club. Additionally, she is co-founder of The Profitable Hygienist.

Listen on Spotify, Captivate or below.

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