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Dentistry Scotland Show – Dr Fitzpatrick on Invis Go – digital restorative

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At the Dentistry Scotland Show, Dr Fitzpatrick expanded on the use of digital technology in today’s practice; the implementation and utilisation of the Align digital platform (Itero Plus Series).

He explained how the adoption of the Itero scanner has driven patient engagement. As well as accelerated treatment acceptance and increased demand for Invisalign cases amongst his patient cohort.

Dr Fitzpatrick presented patient ortho/restorative cases. He took a deep dive into the workflow and offered insights as to ‘how digital’ has enabled him to offer the ultimate patient experience.

He highlighted any challenges presented, the motivation for the patient – the final case pictures. Dr Fitzpatrick discussed the digital tools used on the Itero/Myitero.com platform.

With his power lecture, Dr Fitzpatrick hoped to inspire digital adoption with the Itero scanner and Invisalign Go ortho/restorative workflow. His aim was to show how streamlined restorative processes/workflows can improve when the Itero scanner is an integral part of the journey.

‘I now scan all our regular patients as part of their recall examinations. This has proved invaluable as it allows me to use features such as time lapse for monitoring tooth wear, gingival changes and tooth movement.

‘The Itero scanner also integrates seamlessly with our restorative workflow. It allows me to take precise scans for same-day crowns. We can mill and fit these for patients just a few hours after the prep appointment.

‘Another fantastic feature is the NIRI technology. This allows visualisation of interproximal caries, and is incredibly helpful both diagnostically for me as a clinician, and for educating patients’.

Dr Fitzpatrick

Dr Fitzpatrick has a keen interest in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. He also strives to provide the highest quality of care.

As such, he has completed numerous advanced courses in the field of cosmetic dentistry to further his knowledge and skills.

State-of-the-art equipment, materials and techniques are utilised to support this minimally invasive approach to ensure the delivery of long lasting, healthy and beautiful smiles.

Dr Fitzpatrick has an uncompromising drive to provide the highest quality of treatment to his patients. He delivers dentistry that is completely bespoke for each individual.

If you would like to register for the 2022 Dentistry Scotland Show, simply visit dentistry.co.uk/shows/dentistry-scotland-show.

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