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Dentistry’s Top 50 – the 2022 results

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The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here – it’s time to see who’s on this year’s Dentistry’s Top 50 list.

Just like birthdays and Christmas, Dentistry’s Top 50 has become an important date to keep an eye out for in the dental diary.

It has become an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the impact and influence 50 people are having on the profession over the past 12 months.

Past winners have ranged from chief dental officers to viral social media stars.

And many refer to the list throughout the year to keep up with the goings on in dentistry.

Dentistry Top 50 community

Over the following pages you will see names from across all walks of the profession.

Some are titans of industry and commerce, holding positions in large, influential organisations. Others are educators, academics or esteemed clinicians. 

And many have launched big social media profiles too, utilising them to break down barriers between patients and the profession. 

We feel the people in the final Dentistry Top 50 list all stand there on merit. 

You might note, too, that there is no ranking in this list. Dentistry, in its finest moments, is a community – a fact that is often forgotten.

The Top 50 is therefore about raising people up, not comparing them. 

We are delighted to present you with a list of people that better reflects the wide and wonderful world of dentistry in the UK. 

Welcome to Dentistry’s Top 50 of 2022. To view the list, simply sign in for free below.

Dentistry Top 50 A-D

  • Adam Nulty – founder of the International Digital Dentistry Academy
  • Amit Patel – periodontist and clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham
  • Anna Middleton – award-winning hygienist, key opinion leader and dental social media star – also known as the London Hygienist
  • Bertie Napier – president of the British Association of Private Dentistry
  • Chris Orr – one of the UK’s most prominent cosmetic and aesthetic restorative dentists, who practices in his multidisciplinary clinic in central London
  • Chris Barrow – consultant and business coach to the dental profession for more than 24 years
  • Connor Bryant – dentist and CEO of Bryant Dental
  • Dhru Shah – CEO and founder of Dentinaltubules
  • Dominic O’Hooley – board member of the BAPD

Dentistry Top 50 E-K

  • Eddie Crouch – chair of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee
  • George Cheetham – award-winning restorative dentist and partner at Ridgway Dental and Fulham Road Dental
  • Iain Chapple – founder and former trustee of the College of General Dentistry and recently appointed college ambassador
  • Jason Wong – deputy chief dental officer for England

  • Jaz Gulati – dentist, podcaster and self-confessed dental ‘geek’. Jaz is a enthusiastic and passionate speaker
  • Jin Vaghela – co-founder of the Smile Clinic Group
  • Kish Patel – co-founder of the Smile Clinic Group
  • Kreena Patel – specialist in endodontics and Dentistry.co.uk’s Endodontic Expert
  • Kunal Patel – opinion leader, speaker and trainer, Kunal Patel is principal of the Love Teeth Dental practices in Surrey and London

Dentistry Top 50 L-N

  • Louis Mackenzie – head dental officer at Denplan and is clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham
  • Mahrukh Khwaja – dentist and qualified positive psychologist. Founder and CEO of Mind Ninja
  • Manrina Rhode – leading aesthetic dental surgeon and chair of communications at the BAPD
  • Martina Hodgson – general and cosmetic dentist and practice owner. Co-founder of Inspiring Women in Dentistry
  • Milad Shadrooh – social media sensation, better known as the Singing Dentist
  • Monik Vasant – aesthetic and restorative dentist and UK Invisalign ambassador
  • Nick Fahey – highly experienced prosthodontist with his book Guided Surgery – Making Implant Placement Simpler planned for later this year
  • Nicola West – professor in restorative dentistry at the University
    of Bristol
  • Nigel Jones – sales and marketing director
    at Practice Plan
  • Nilesh Parmar – implant dentist and Forbes Business Council member
  • Nishma Sharma – chair and founder of the Diversity in Dentistry
    Action Group

Dentistry Top 50 P-S

  • Pam Swain – chief executive of the British Association of Dental Nurses
  • Raj Rattan – dental director of Dental Protection
  • Reena Wadia – periodontist, international lecturer and founder of RW Perio. Reena is also co-editor for the British Dental Journal
  • Rhona Eskander – multi-award winning dentist and social media trailblazer
  • Riaz Yar – specialist in prosthodontics and visiting professor at the College of Medicine and Dentistry, Birmingham
  • Robbie Hughes – founder of Dental Excellence and digital composite veneers advocate
  • Sam Waley-Cohen – founder of Portman Dental Group
  • Sameer Patel – ex professional cricketer and founder of the Elite Dental Leadership program
  • Sandeep Kumar – founder of the Mismile network and Mastering your Invisalign Business
  • Sara Hurley – chief dental officer for England
  • Sarah Macdonald – orthodontic therapist passionately promoting the importance of dental therapy during straightening treatment
  • Shaz Memon – dental website entrepreneur and marketing expert
  • Shivana Anand – specialist prosthodontist and co-founder of Dental Training Consultants
  • Shivani Patel – consultant orthodontist and lead clinician at Elleven Dental
  • Simon Chard – co-founder of Pärla toothpaste and sits on the board of the BACD
  • Siobhan Kelleher – hygienist championing oral health to patients and mindfulness to clinicians
  • Surina Sehgal – better known as The Foodie Dentist, social media influencer combining oral health tips with food and nutritional advice

Dentistry Top 50 T-Y

  • Tif Qureshi – clinical director at the IAS Academy and executive board member of the BAPD
  • Victoria Sampson – young influential dentist passionate about educating on the links between oral health and overall health
  • Yewande Oduwole – young dentist with an influental Youtube channel, educating and preparing graduates to be ready for the dental world
  • Yusra Al-Mukhtar – award-winning dental surgeon and level seven trainer in medical aesthetics

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