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Dentists help in the fight against coronavirus

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Dentists around the UK are doing their bit to help in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Award-winning dentist, Dr Rhona Eskander from The Chelsea Dental Clinic has been on one such mission this week. She went out visiting various dental practises around London to collect precious un-used personal protective equipment.

Along with Dr Kunal Desai, they collected surgical masks, gowns and gloves to distribute them to London’s struggling NHS hospitals.

‘Id read online about our NHS colleagues struggling to get hold of personal protective equipment forcing them to work on the frontline in as little as an apron and gloves,’ Dr Eskander said. ‘It horrified me that the staff subject themselves to these dangerous conditions, but they still carry on caring for people. All regardless of the personal risk to their own health.

‘My friend and colleague, Dr Kunal Desai, tagged me in a post on Instagram suggesting the idea, so I reached out to him immediately. It was great there was something I could do to help and become involved on a practical level. Between us, we then reached out to practices we know on social media and posted an appeal on Facebook. We requested that our dental peers donate their un-used personal protective equipment.

‘We received an overwhelming response from the dental community. So Kunal and I hit the streets of London in my car to carry out a mass collection. We managed to collect a few hundred items in total. We then contacted several London hospitals to arrange a drop off including Chelsea and Westminster, Barts, and UCH.

‘When we arrived, Kunal and I took turns; one stayed in the car and the other went into to A&E with the boxes of protective equipment. They were so overwhelmed with our kindness and so happy to have the supplies. Some of the staff at the hospitals told us that there is also a need for this kind of equipment at GP surgeries and hospices, so this is where we plan to target next.

‘Incredibly proud’

With many practices shutting their doors, dentists and their teams are left looking for ways to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Sara Hurley, CDO for England, is calling on dentists to complete a survey to assist with effective redeployment. She says she is creating a framework to maximise the efforts of those members of the dental team who are keen to join the medical ranks to help battle coronavirus.

‘I’m so proud to be part of the dental community at this time,’ Dr Eskandar continued. ‘I believe the profession has really come together. I’ve heard of many of my colleagues offering their services back to the NHS and I’m incredibly proud to be part of that community.’

Dr Rhona Eskander is a Diamond Invisalign provider.

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