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Digital Marketing is a Spook-tacular Way to Get New Patients

by adminjay

Using the same marketing strategies year after year is a grave mistake, but many dental practices have yet to embrace the bone-efits of digital marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be frightening. In fact, it can be a real treat for your bottom line. In this special Halloween edition of our blog, we want to demystify digital marketing to show you why most practices are dying to get on board.

Scarytale #1 – Digital advertising costs an arm and a leg!
This is simply untrue. In fact, analog marketing methods, like direct mail, are going the way of the mummy because they are difficult to track, the response rate is low, and they offer only one channel. For about the same as a single direct mail campaign, your practice can launch a digital marketing campaign on multiple channels and reach a far wider audience. All in all, digital advertising gives you more bite for your buck than other methods.

Scarytale #2 – The internet is only for ghouls and boys. My target market is older and doesn’t go online.
Face-boo-k and BooTube are not just for kids. It may lift your spirits to know that almost three-quarters of adults between 50-64 and nearly half of those over 65 use social media. More older adults are turning to the internet to get the information they need about local businesses. And this demographic is only going to grow in the future, commanding a larger and larger share of national spending. With online marketing, your practice can capture more of those eyeballs. What’s more, online messages can be targeted to specific groups, making your appeal more personal and more likely to resonate with your intended recipient.

Scarytale #3 – Google & Facebook ads are a dead end.
The fact is that most people aren’t spooked by online ads, and a lot of consumers report that online advertising has influenced their purchasing at one time or another. Major ad-driven online platforms like Facebook and Google would zom-be out of business if this weren’t true. Online advertising is why online shopping has tripled since the 1990’s. This type of marketing channel also gives instant feedback. You can easily learn what’s working and what’s not, enabling you to make changes quickly and haunt your target market more efficiently.

You don’t need a crystal ball to divine that online usage is increasing every year. Think about it… If someone recommends a business to you, what’s the first thing you do? You Boo-gle it!

All puns aside, digital ads and marketing strategies capture the attention of people who are looking elsewhere and may not even be consciously thinking about your business. Digital marketing campaigns are not the wave of the future – they are what’s happening now and what it takes to have a successful dental practice in today’s times. Almost all of your potential new patients are out there surfing the web, and they don’t stand a ghost of a chance of finding your practice if you don’t have a fiendishly good digital marketing strategy.

Happy Halloween!

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