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DLN Reaches $500 Million In Donated Dental Treatment

by adminjay

Since 1985, DLN has partnered with volunteer dentists and laboratories across the country to connect people with special needs to comprehensive dentistry. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve reached a new milestone: $500 Million in donated dental treatment. 

That’s half a billion dollars that helped 165,000 individuals gain access to crucial dental care!


Thank you to all of our volunteers, partners, and sponsors for helping us reach this milestone.
We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Check out all of the numbers that all add up change lives!

  • 35 Years
  • 165,000 Patients Served 
  • With the support of:
    • 39,000 Dentists
    • 6,500  Dental Laboratories
    • 15,400  Partners, Donors, and Supporters

Thanks to your support, individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and people who are considered medically fragile have access to life-changing dental care. DLN volunteers ease pain, provide comfort, increase confidence, and bring out smiles. 

Follow Dental Lifeline Network’s social media channels and follow #500M to read patient stories and join us in celebrating this incredible milestone. We’ll also have fun ways for you to share your experiences and tell the world how you support the DLN mission!

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