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Do You Want to Read Something Really Scary?

by adminjay

As a marketing professional, what sends chills up my spine is to see dentists making grave mistakes when it comes to marketing. So, beware and be warned! What follows is a terrifying tale of marketing mayhem!

It was a crisp fall afternoon. I was visiting a prospective client, and what I saw was so haunting, it stopped me dead in my tracks and I let out a scream. The dentist had entrusted their marketing strategy to an employee with no marketing background! It’s always good to actively participate in your practice’s marketing plan, but it’s truly frightful to try doing a job that should be left to a qualified professional. Imagine letting a patient administer their own treatment. What a horror show that would be! And that is exactly why a person who has no marketing expertise should not be in charge of a marketing strategy. Just like dentists with their patients, we love collaborating with our clients. Input is important so that we know what our clients are looking for and what they hope to achieve through marketing. But when it comes to execution, it’s best to let the professionals take charge. Otherwise the results could turn your hair white!

Two days later, I was on the phone with a dentist who told me that their current marketing is going great, but then when I looked deeper, my blood went cold because everything was terribly outdated. The website hadn’t been touched since it was created ten years ago. The practice’s Facebook page was basically cobwebs. Then there was a Google ad for dental implants that took me straight to the homepage instead of a service-specific landing page.The horror! The practice’s online presence had been neglected for so long that it was stumbling along like the walking dead. What this practice needed was to pump some life back into its marketing plan. Luckily, that isn’t hard to do when you have the right partner at your side. The best thing? Everyone gets to keep their brains!

As if the last few days hadn’t been scary enough, I had another chilling encounter when a dentist told me that they wanted to grow their practice but had set aside nothing for marketing. How scary is that?! Marketing expenses are not something to be afraid of. As the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. And while it may be cliché, it is no less true. A good marketing strategy is worth it. If the thought of spending money on digital marketing frightens you, we understand. We are here to help you navigate the many options you have and make sure you are seeing a return on your investment.

Don’t make these ghastly mistakes. Heed my warning before it’s too late! Muahahahaha… Just kidding. Every dental practice has had a marketing setback or two. The good news is mistakes like the ones I just described don’t have to turn into a horrible nightmare. With some attention and effort and the right professional to guide your marketing strategy, your practice will not only survive to see another day, it will thrive for years to come.

Happy Halloween!

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