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Don’t Have a Sitter This Valentine’s Day? No Problem

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Valentine’s Day can be a wonderfully romantic time that couples spend months planning, looking forward to, and desperately needing. This year, this lovely holiday falls on a Friday — and if you have kids, that means planning around work and school while booking a baby sitter if you want to get out in the evening.

But even if you can’t get a sitter so you and your partner can enjoy a night out, there are plenty of ways to make this holiday a memorable one that recharges your relationship. Try these 10 ways to connect with your partner on Valentine’s Day when you can’t find a sitter to help out with the kids.

Celebrate Your Valentine’s Early

If you won’t have much time to spend together in the evening, celebrate Valentine’s in the a.m. Wake up before the kids for a breakfast picnic out in the yard, or prepare a DIY mimosa bar for you both to enjoy. Or, wake up extra early and watch the sunrise together.

Plan for Some Privacy Later in the Evening

Another option is to wait until after the kids are put to bed to enjoy your Valentine’s Day together. Though you’ll still be at home, this is a wonderful time to run a bubble bath and simply enjoy each other’s company. You can also plan for some champagne and a luxurious dessert while the kids are asleep.

Go for a Walk With the Family

If you’re looking for something to do in the afternoon or evening while the kids are still full of energy, hop in the car and take everyone out for a walk. Whether you go to a park or beach, give your kids a fun task or game so that you and your partner can enjoy some space together and the luxury of shared laughter while holding hands. For example, you can task your kids with hunting for heart-shaped leaves or rocks while you walk.

Prepare a Fun Dinner for the Kids — And a Romantic One for You and Your Partner

When it’s time for dinner, make the night special for you and your kids. Order a pizza for the tots, and set up a separate table for them to enjoy. While they feast together, you and your partner can duck away to cook a more adult meal and have alone time in the kitchen and at your dinner table.

Turn Your Home Into a Movie Theater

Movies are another activity that you can divide for you and the kids. Purchase a tent or rent or make a small projector, and create a private movie theater for the kids. Put on a movie they’ll love while you and your partner sneak away to the living room or bedroom to watch a more romantic feature.

Throw a Family Dance Party

If you need another evening activity, try a family dance party. Have everyone get dressed up, and move some furniture aside to create a dance floor. Mix some fun, high-energy music with slower songs so that everyone stays happy and has fun.

Assemble a Sundae Dessert Bar

Another romantic DIY idea is to lay out a make-your-own sundae bar, complete with ice cream, nuts, syrups, fruits, and other toppings. Let everyone go through the line making their own treat — you and your partner can go last and find a quiet place to cherish your desserts with one another.

Break for Lunch Together

Will your kids be at school while you and your partner are both working? It can be hard to squeeze some romance into what’s otherwise a regularly scheduled day. But try and break away for a surprise lunch with your partner. Pick a nearby park to take some food to-go, or visit a trendy spot or food truck for a simple but memorable and romantic meal.

Take an Early or Late Romantic Bath Together

A romantic bath together is a wonderful capstone to this holiday, and you can find time for one regardless of whether you’ve got a baby sitter. If you wake up early, plan this activity then. But it can also wait until the kids have gone to bed at night.

Take a Rain Check With Some Romantic IOUs

If you have no choice but to put off the holiday festivities until the weekend or another date, you can still make the 14th romantic and memorable. During your family activities, find time to slip away and give your partner some secret notes. These can be simple love letters or poems, romantic IOUs, and any other silly and fun scribblings that come to mind.

If you can’t reserve a baby sitter this year, don’t fret. There are plenty of romantic and unique ways to celebrate the holiday that will leave your partner feeling special and valued. Try one of these tips to enjoy time with your family while giving plenty of romantic attention to your special someone.

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