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Dr. Ali Fulreader Interview – 2024 Chicago Midwinter Conference

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Hear from Ali Fulreader, DDS, about why she switched to SureSmile Aligners and the benefits for her practice and patients.

Listen to her views on how SureSmile works with most common intraoral scanners, its history of success with over 1 million patients, and the value of achieving predictable results.

“I found that our tracking is really, really good with the newer technology,” she says.

In a recent 3-year analysis by Dentsply Sirona, 75% of SureSmile aligner patients required no refinements 1. Reducing required refinements could positively impact overall patient satisfaction and dental practice productivity by limiting chair time needed for refinements.

Learn how SureSmile has improved the workflow in her practice and benefited her patients.

“We use the SureSmile Simulator to visualize and show our patients the journey from where they are to where they can be. It is very powerful when the patient can see the actual change from start to finish.”

  1. Based on an analysis of global SureSmile cases conducted between Jan. 2019–December 2021. Data on File.

For more information, press play or visit https://www.dentsplysirona.com/en-us/discover/discover-by-brand/suresmile-aligners.html.

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