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Dr. Anthony Ponzio Interview – 2024 Chicago Midwinter Conference

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Listen to the recent interview with Dr. Anthony Ponzio, DDS, on why he uses SureSmile Clear Aligners and how he leverages DS Core for a fully digital workflow that benefits his practice and patients.

Treatment planning has never been easier with support from the SureSmile Digital Lab and software that works with most intraoral scanners, including PrimeScan.

Regarding the Digital Lab, Dr. Ponzio said, “A real person is reviewing the treatment plan—it’s human-to-human interaction, not just software.”

Doctors may feel that refinements are just part of supplying clear aligner treatment, but with 3 out of 4 SureSmile patients not needing refinements, SureSmile Clear Aligners provide the predictable results doctors want and patients expect.

“It’s a great system; generally, we see things track really well. We see a lot fewer refinements with SureSmile® than I have with other systems. The way the technology is designed, in the actual aligners, we see fewer attachments and quicker treatment times,” Dr. Ponzio added.

SureSmile Aligners also provide outstanding patient value with the Complete Case option, which includes not only aligners at a flat-rate price but also supplies faster, brighter smiles by including the SureSmile Whitening Kit and the SureSmile VPro High-Frequency Device.*

*Available in the U.S. Only

For more information, press play or visit https://www.dentsplysirona.com/en-us/discover/discover-by-brand/suresmile-aligners.html.

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