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Easy and Economical Zirconia Cementation

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ZirCAD® Cement is a new high performance resin modified glass ionomer cement designed for everyday use, and ideal for high-strength zirconia and metal-based restorations. ZirCAD Cement allows the clinician to deliver predictable cementation results case after case with its easy handling, tack-cure option and quick clean-up.

(ZirCAD® Cement Syringe)
Fig. 1: ZirCAD Cement for the fast & easy cementation of high strength zirconia and metal-based restorations that require retentive design.

ZirCAD Cement from Ivoclar Vivadent perfectly balances product reliability and ease of use with the economic considerations demanded from a resin modified glass ionomer cement. Retentive designed high-strength zirconia and metal-based restorations are now even faster to place.


ZirCAD cement offers quick and easy clean-up in the gel phase, ensuring that you have sufficient time for the application of the material to the restoration – for both single tooth restorations and multi-unit bridges. Material flows easily out of the cementation gap and

stops at the margin. Should you wish, clean-up time can be sped up with the optional tack cure.


Compared to other cements, ZirCAD Cement offers continuous high fluoride release, allowing for greater peace of mind once the restoration is cemented. The cement’s low film thickness promises a precise marginal fit, while remaining moisture and acid resistant.


The utilization of the practical automix syringe enables a simple, fast and very precise mixture and application directly into the prepared restoration. This eliminates the need for an additional applicator or mixing device, not to mention the potential for a mixing error when mixing manually. No primer or conditioner is required when using ZirCAD Cement. Its cost-efficient cementation from the premium brand you trust; Ivoclar Vivadent.

ZirCAD® is a trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent.

» For further information please visit: www.ivoclarvivadent.com

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