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Employee Dishonesty Leaves Clues – Oral Health Group

by adminjay

September 22, 2021

Course Outline

You probably have heard the statistics, and they are not good. 

3 out of every 5 dentists end up being embezzled.
We can do better!

The American Dental Association reported in their 2018 Survey on Employee Theft in the Dental Practice that:

  • 49% of dentists reported being embezzled
  • 46% reported being embezzled more than once.

Since 2004, I have conducted hundreds of fraud examinations and forensic audits for dentists and that experience tells me that the incidence of embezzlement is much higher due to under-reporting (and “I’ll just let her go” syndrome) and

Most experts agree that at least 60% of dentists are embezzled during their career.

In this course, I will share secrets from decades of experience.

5-Minute Dental FraudBusters
  • Hiltz’s Axiom – how much can an embezzler steal and go unnoticed?
  • Easy to do “5-Minute Dental FraudBusters
  • What are the most common embezzlement schemes?
  • Lewin’s Equation – what this equation means, and why it is an important tool to identify dishonest behaviors.
  • How to understand and diagnose embezzlement Red Flags
  • plus much more!


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