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Face masks reintroduced in some healthcare settings amidst rising Covid-19 cases

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Healthcare settings providing NHS care are reintroducing face masks in the face of rising Covid-19 cases.

NHS England has asked dental practices, hospitals and GP practices throughout the Midlands to return to mandatory mask wearing.

It follows a 97% increase in hospital Covid-19 cases in acute trust settings and a significant spike in the use of critical care beds.

On a national level, Covid-19 cases have increased by almost 20% in a week, with one in 25 people estimated to have had the virus at the end of June.

Any infection prevention measures are now a ‘matter for local discretion’, as described by NHS England.

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Next Covid wave

The NHS England Midlands regional team sent out a letter asking providers to review their guidance. It proposed a return to universal mask wearing for all staff, including primary care settings.

‘It is apparent that we have entered the next Covid-19 wave,’ the letter reads.

‘Across the last seven days we have had a 97% increase in our nosocomial covid-19 cases in acute trust settings and a 25% increase in our mental health settings; this has also included a rise in the numbers of patients who have been admitted into critical care beds.’

It added that there has also been an increase in Covid-related staff absences.

The Midlands is not the only area announcing a return to mandatory face masks. Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Southampton are just some of the other trusts that have also made the move.

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