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Features Vs. Benefits – My Dental Agency

by adminjay

What do new patients look for when choosing a dentist? People purchase products and services based more on the results, or benefits, they will receive rather than their features. The same goes for your patients. Businesses across the board like to describe their product’s bells and whistles or the many, many details of what’s included with their service. New patients, however, will resonate more with your marketing and brand when you describe how the results of a treatment will make them feel, because that is what they are really interested in. When you focus on features, well, you may blend in with every other dentist who delivers the same services. Here are a few examples to show you what we mean.

Horse Power

Car shopping can be an excruciating experience. Yes, you want to learn about horsepower, cylinders and brake systems but after awhile, all that shop talk can leave you confused about what car is best for you.
When you need a new car, you’re not purchasing a list of parts but how those parts will keep you safe or will make you feel when you drive down the road on a sunny day with the top down.

For Sale

When buying a new home, a good Realtor goes beyond describing the house as a structure with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. You can see that for yourself. In order to help you envision yourself as the new homeowner, they will talk to you about the safe neighborhood, the walkable downtown, and the exceptional school system. Those are the benefits of the home that go beyond it’s 4 walls.


Let’s face it, insurance is a dry topic, but the task it performs is very important. It gives you peace of mind; it helps you sleep at night knowing you and your family are protected. Insurance sales people will focus more on these benefits because they elicit an emotional response, instead of simply throwing out phrases like annuities, premium and deductibles. Oh my!

What benefits do your treatments provide patients? Highlight them in your marketing alongside the facts to help people make a connection with you as a person, not just another dentist.

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