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Giving the gift of oral health – BrushEco donation story

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our donation program during our 2020 holiday promotion. 

The numbers are in!

We are donating 350 BrushEco toothbrushes to a local organization that’s in need of oral health supplies! Details below…


An online social experiment…

This past holiday season, we decided to run a social experiment. Here’s the backstory…

Every year as part of our holiday promotion, we run a special offer where folks can get one free toothbrush for each bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend that they order. So during that time, an order for a 3-pack of blend is eligible for 3 free toothbrushes, an order for a 12-pack of blend is eligible for 12 free toothbrushes, etc. 

However, in 2020, we added two new components to this promotion.

First, earlier last year, we formally launched BrushEco, our sustainable bamboo Bass toothbrush. Our mission with BrushEco is to create healthier mouths, reduce new plastic pollution, and help clean up existing plastic pollution, one toothbrush at a time. We’re donating 100% of BrushEco’s sales profits to organizations that are committed to cleaning up the enormous amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans.

So, one of the additions to our recent holiday ‘free brush with blend’ offer was that customers could choose between our standard plastic Bass toothbrushes or our new sustainable option, BrushEco.

As a side note, we have been in awe of the hugely positive response to BrushEco. There’s been so much support both for the product itself and our mission behind it.

We now have 3 different variations of BrushEco:

  • Our standard Bass design of Adult size with 3 rows of bristles (best for cleaning along the gum line)
  • Our new design of Adult size with 4 rows of bristles (super helpful for  gently polishing teeth)
  • A Junior size brush for small mouths of all ages (good for both teeth and gums)

If you’re just learning about BrushEco now, we invite you to read more about our mission here: BrushEco, the sustainable Bass toothbrush with a mission

And if you’re new here and don’t yet know what Bass brushing is all about, here are some links to help you level up your oral hygiene knowledgebase:

  • How To Brush Your Teeth To Reduce Gum Disease – explains how to do the Bass Brushing Technique along your gum line
  • How to brush your teeth to stop tooth decay – explains how to circle back and also brush the surfaces of your teeth


‘Donate my toothbrushes please’…

The second new component of 2020’s holiday ‘free brush with blend offer’ was that we provided an option for customers to choose to donate their free toothbrushes. 

Many of you love our toothbrushes and take advantage of our annual holiday promotion to stock up for the year. In fact, some of you have told us that you like our products so much that you gift them to your loved ones (thank you!).

However, we know that some people aren’t into our not-fancy-but-effective Bass toothbrushes. And, other folks like to have an easy way to spread some love and donate products to folks who are in need, especially around the holidays. So, for our holiday promotion, we provided a new “please donate my brushes” option.

Once again, we are here in such awe and appreciation, as so many people chose to donate their brushes.

And now we’re here to share where your donated toothbrushes are going.


A local shelter for women and children…

Over the course of our holiday ‘free brush with blend’ offer, you all donated a total of 338 toothbrushes. We decided to round that up to 350 toothbrushes, and we’re choosing to donate all BrushEco’s (no plastic brushes) since they’re more sustainable and come with helpful packaging that explains how to use them.

We’re sending the 350 BrushEco’s to (drum roll, please 🙂 ) Rose Haven, a day shelter in Portland, Oregon that supports women and children of all ages, regardless of need. We love this snippet from their site:

Rose Haven is a safe, respectful environment where change begins. We address basic needs, and help women build confidence and sustainable lives for themselves. Through reflection of trust and mutual respect, the foundation on which personal healing and healthy choice making begin.” 

Since Rose Haven serves both women and children, we’re donating a mix of all three of the BrushEco styles that we manufacture.


Thank you again!

Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated in our 2020 holiday promotion to help support yourself and your loved ones on the path to greater oral health. 

And if you donated your toothbrushes, please take a moment to allow yourself to feel how your generosity in this little way has provided someone in need with a small reminder that the world is a friendly place. Little gifts of kindness like this really do add up. 

Do you know of other organizations that would appreciate a BrushEco donation? Please reply in the comments below and we’ll keep them in mind for future product donation promotions like this one.


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  • HealThy Mouth Blend [product solution]
  • BrushEco Sustainable Bamboo Bass Toothbrush [product solution]
  • BrushEco’s Mission [inspirational, informational page]
  • How To Brush Your Teeth To Reduce Gum Disease [[article with video tutorials]]
  • How to brush your teeth to stop tooth decay


Other resources:



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