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Gum Recession – Ask the Dentist

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Gum recession is something that affects many people of all ages. Today, Dr. B explores this common issue, what the symptoms are, and gives insights into the most common causes of the condition. These include aggressive orthodontics, food trauma, and tongue and lip-ties, among others. We also hear about ways that you can prevent your gums from receding. Importantly, this problem cannot be reserved non-surgically, which is why it is so important to take a proactive approach to stop the issue from occurring in the first place. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Find out what gum recession is and the tell-tale signs that you might have it 
  • Some of the common gum recession causes 
  • How aggressive orthodontics contribute to gum recession 
  • What food trauma is and its links to gum recession 
  • How lip and tongue-ties can cause the gums to recede 
  • What happens when your teeth are crowded and the way this impacts to gum recession 
  • The congenital reason for gum recession and who is most at risk 
  • Ways that you can prevent gum recession from happening  
  • Learn whether gum recession is reversible or not 
  • If you intervene in the early stages of gum recession, you will not need surgery 
  • You can prevent gum recession but surgery is the only way to reverse it

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