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Haleon launches with purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity

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Today, Haleon launches as an independent company 100% focused on consumer health, completing its demerger from GSK. The newly listed business is driven by its purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity.

Trading commenced on Monday on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), with Brian McNamara, CEO of Haleon, leading the opening ceremony to signal the start of trading. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is set to follow.

Haleon has a world-class portfolio of brands including Sensodyne, Voltarol and Panadol. It will continue to develop category leading brands that address real consumer health needs, while focusing on future innovation across its entire portfolio.

There is currently an increased consumer focus on health and wellness, an ageing global population, an emerging middle class in high-growth economies, growing self-care in the face of increased pressure on public healthcare systems and also sizeable unmet consumer needs.

Haleon has launched at a time when the consumer healthcare market is set for expansion. It is currently expected to grow at a rate of 3-4% per annum over the medium-term. Haleon expects to deliver medium-term annual organic revenue growth of 4-6%.

Change and empower

Despite huge improvements in medicine, data and technology, everyday health remains elusive for too many people. Haleon aims to change this through a two-pronged approach. First, by working to remove barriers to better everyday health. But second, by aiming to empower 50 million people a year by 2025 to be more included in opportunities for better everyday health.

The company’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to blend deep human understanding and trusted science. Haleon is further distinguished by leading consumer healthcare-focused scientific capabilities. But also a well-developed organisational understanding of human health behaviours, strong capabilities in brand building, innovation and digital commerce, and a powerful route-to-market.

The brands within the Haleon portfolio have been providing treatment and improving the quality of life for millions of consumers. They have also been trusted, recognised, and recommended by healthcare professionals across multiple markets.

Brian McNamara, chief executive officer, Haleon, said: ‘This is a significant milestone for Haleon. Guided by our clear purpose and with a world class portfolio of brands that people know and trust, we stand ready to help address consumer needs and make better everyday health more achievable, inclusive and sustainable.

‘Consumer health has never been more important than it is today. I am delighted that Haleon, as an independent company, is ready to pursue our ambitions.

‘Today follows a huge amount of effort, planning and collaboration by our dedicated colleagues all around the world.’

Key role

Tess Player, VP Global head of expert/health professionals commented: ‘The arrival of Haleon heralds a new opportunity to use our laser focus on consumer health to tackle some of the big global challenges standing in the way of better everyday health.

‘Partnering with health professionals is a top priority. We’ll work tirelessly to support them in solving these challenges. But also giving excluded groups access to them in ways they historically haven’t had

‘We’re spear-heading initiatives, both independently and in partnership. This is to help better understand the drivers of health inclusivity. It also helps to inform actions across key areas such as health literacy. This is an area we know health professionals have a key role to play.’

Deep human understanding

Bas Vorsteveld, VP and general manager, Haleon Great Britain and Ireland, said: ‘In Haleon, we have a clear directive to make meaningful change and drive better everyday health with humanity. Central to this approach, will be our work with our community of dedicated health professionals in the UK.

‘Through ongoing research and in partnership with this community, we will continue to improve our understanding of the barriers they face in delivering better everyday health.

‘Using our deep human understanding combined with our trusted science and leading portfolio of brands, we will deliver solutions to drive industry growth for our commercial partners, helping to make everyday health more inclusive and achievable for all.’

Haleon (pronounced ‘hay-lee-on’) was unveiled as the name of the business in February 2022. It is inspired by the merging of the words ‘Hale’ – this is an old English word meaning ‘in good health’ – and also Leon, which is associated with the word ‘strength’.

The company’s signature ‘For Health. With Humanity’ brings to life the essence and purpose of Haleon and was developed by its own colleagues. The signature will appear with our logo when space allows as it underscores the purpose of Haleon.

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