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Hispanic Dental Association Launches Their First Scientific Dental Journal

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The Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) is proud to announce the first peer-reviewed, bilingual, scientific journal published by the organization which is available for electronic, as well as printed distribution. The HDA is a 501 (c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to enabling oral health team professionals to better serve Hispanic/Latinx communities to eliminate oral health inequities among Hispanics and other underserved communities.

Dr. Mercedes Mota-Martinez, 2022 President of the Hispanic Dental Association, states “it is an unprecedented achievement to unite such a unique group of dental health professionals for this journal to communicate their knowledge through their expertise and accomplishments”.

Dr. Manuel A. Cordero, HDA Executive Director and CEO, expressed that with this new platform “our voice will become stronger every day.” HDA aims to create a forum for Hispanic researchers and about Hispanic oral health in this bilingual publication that could reach all Hispanic countries.” We invite experienced as well as new researchers to submit their work for future editions of the Journal of the Hispanic Dental Association. There are three other editions planned for 2022. In the next editions of the journal, we welcome all those who want tocontribute with topics and ideas.”

The journal will be available on https://www.hdassoc.org and for those who want to share their knowledge through the JHDA, please contact, Lydia M. Ruiz Trinidad (856) 353 -9459.

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