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Homeopathy Solutions for Dental Pain, Dental Anxiety, Canker Sores, Tonsil Stones, and More

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Anyone up for some real time remedies for common oral health issues?  You’re going to love this interview!

In today’s super fun and lively expert interview, we take a deep dive with homeopathic expert, Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(NA).

Joette is an international homeopathic consultant, author, educator, and speaker who loves to help empower folks by sharing her knowledge of homeopathy.

In this video, Joette walks us through some background information on homeopathy, how it empowers us, and the difference between Classical Homeopathy and Practical Homeopathy. She also clarifies why pain and discomfort are a blessing in disguise, and she even shares some homeopathic solutions for common oral health issues.

If you’re new to homeopathy and would like to learn about how it might help you and your loved ones, Joette has got you covered.

And if you’re already familiar with homeopathy but would like to deepen your knowledge base, Joette shares plenty of helpful gems to help you on your path, too.

Show Notes:

  • 1:44 How can homeopathy support us in times of medical crisis?
  • 2:55 The health journey that led Joette to homeopathy
  • 6:57 Bonus benefit: how homeopathy can help us stay connected to our kids when they grow older
  • 9:38 Brief background on homeopathy
  • 18:25 How Will was introduced to homeopathy
  • 20:34 Classical Homeopathy vs. Practical Homeopathy
  • 26:27 Therapeutic index: how to navigate remedy strength / potency
  • 28:13 Antidotes: can mints, menthol, coffee, perfume, strong smells, EMFs, etc. impact homeopathic remedies?
  • 31:52 Is homeopathy just energy medicine or is it measurable?
  • 33:18 How homeopathy can help with tooth decay and cavitations
  • 45:20 Homeopathic solutions for dental pain, oral ligament pain, dental appointment anxiety, canker sores, and tonsil stones
  • 1:00:05 Which human conditions can be treated with homeopathy?


More Info on Joette Calabrese:

If you’d like to learn even more about homeopathic remedies, be sure to check out Joette’s website: www.JoetteCalabrese.com

You can also follow her work on:


Wrapping Up…

We hope this interview gave you some useful takeaways to help you support yourself and your loved ones.

Have you tried homeopathy before? What were your experiences like? Did it make you feel more empowered? Please share in the comments below so we can all learn from each other.

As always, if you know anyone who could benefit from the information in this video, please help us to help others by sharing our work with your loved ones.


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