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If the cap fits | British Dental Journal

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Providing your patients with the optimum shade through whitening products alone can be an uphill struggle, particularly when regulations limit strengths in whitening gels and chairside treatments.

That’s why SoWhiteIt’sBlue is introducing Whiter Cap, a product that flies in the face of hydrogen peroxide safety limits by utilising the natural power of UV to augment your patients’ beautifully whitened teeth.

The simple mechanism uses a UV light in patented ‘hat form’ to deliver a constant beam of safe ultraviolet rays to highlight smiles all day! The invisible electromagnetic radiation beam is attached to the peak area of the patient’s cap and as soon as the patient smiles it acts as a catalyst to breakdown the whitening peroxide to speed up the whitening process producing that SoWhiteIt’sBlue smile we all know and love.

The baseball cap itself is made from breathable, waterproof material for easy indoor and outdoor use and is available in a wide range of appealing colours to match any outfit. The safe UV light can simply be clipped on each morning as soon as the patient wakes up. A whopping 0.8% of consumers surveyed were happy to wear the Whiter Cap hat at all times.

So when A1, or even B1 isn’t enough for your patients why not suggest Whiter Cap to ‘Make Your Teeth White Again!’

Look out for Whiter Hipster Beanie, Whiter Stetson and Whiter Bowler coming soon to the SoWhiteIt’sBlue UV Hat range.

queries@SoWhiteIt’sBlue.com or visit www.Whiter-Cap-(it’s-safe-honestly).com, for more information.

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This content has been created for the entertainment of readers in the spirit of seasonal good humour and, on the whole, possesses not an ounce of truth. All persons, products, URLs and email addresses mentioned have been invented by the BDJ Editorial Team.

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