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I’m Thankful for What I Have Learned This Year

by adminjay

Like most people do every year around this time, I like to reflect on what I have to be grateful for. Above all, I am grateful for all of our clients and that they continue to trust MDA to accompany them as they embark on the journey to grow their practices. This year, I am also thankful for everything I have learned from the doctors we partner with and from my team.

In 2022, MDA started the Clinical Advisory Board, and it has reminded me that when you look beyond your immediate surroundings, it can open up new and unexpected opportunities. Working with the CAB members this year has renewed my faith in people’s generosity. The members of the CAB are truly interested in sharing their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the industry. These doctors have given their time without expecting anything in return, all because they believe in what we are doing.

This year, I have also learned that there are opportunities for MDA to help practices in ways that maybe we weren’t able to in the past. More of our clients have begun to open up to us about their struggles within their practices, allowing us to guide them in different ways. When clients let us work with them on a more personal level, it not only strengthens our partnership, but it also leads to success in more areas of their practice. For example, if a practice is seeing low lead conversion, meaning opportunities vs. actual appointments, we can help them increase that number by working with them closely to identify areas of improvement they may not have been aware of. We don’t claim to be experts at everything, but we are able to help our clients see things through a different lens, because sometimes a change in perspective brings other opportunities to light.

One important thing I learned this year to better help our clients was to set clear expectations. Making sure that our clients know what to expect realistically when it comes to projects, timelines, goals, and outcomes, even if it might fall short of what they were hoping for, opens the door to more honest conversations about the present and the future. As much as we strive to give clients exactly what they want, it is not always feasible to deliver everything at once. There’s a process, and it may take time to get the desired results. When we establish that right away, our clients, and our team, end up happier in the long run.

As I have said, our clients have taught me so much this year, but I think that my team has taught me even more. The MDA team is the backbone of the company. There is no way we could be as successful as we are without them. Each member of my team is an essential part of the company and offers something unique. My team has helped me to become a better leader. I see how each member of the team works hard and supports their colleagues. They cheer each other on, and they also keep each other accountable, in a positive and uplifting way. I see how they are able to lead full, busy, and at times chaotic lives and still show up for work with a positive attitude. They fix problems without having to be told to do so, and they just naturally go above and beyond for our clients on a daily basis.

I love the work I do, not just because it’s my dream job, but because I get to work with extraordinary people every day, clients and colleagues alike. They make me realize how fortunate I am, and for that I am truly grateful.

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