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Interdental brushes and rubber interdental picks more efficient in reducing plaque

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Interdental brushes and rubber interdental picks are more efficient in reducing both plaque and gingival inflammation, according to a new study.

Published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, the study showed that by using a toothbrush alone, or with the additional use of interdental devices, plaque levels and also gingival inflammation can be reduced.

Focusing on patients with periodontitis, it looked at the efficacy of four different oral hygiene devices in reducing plaque and inflammation.

Current statistics show that the disease affects around 30% of the adult population over 50.

Big benefits

Although when compared to the use of a toothbrush alone, or combined with dental floss, further benefits were also seen in reduction of plaque and inflammation when interdental brushes and rubber picks were used.

This reflects the results of previous studies’ findings. However this is the first study to use periodontitis patients only.

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Highest standard

Filippo Graziani is a professor of periodontology and principal investigator. He said: ‘Interdental cleaning is a crucial factor in the maintenance of periodontal health. Both during and after treatment in patients affected by periodontitis.

‘Our study shows that to achieve the highest standard of cleaning, interdental brushes or rubber interdental picks are the most effective devices.’

Martijn Verhulst, medical liaison manager at Sunstar Medical Affairs, added: ‘We very much welcome the specific focus on periodontitis patients.

‘So far, evidence of the efficacy of different interdental cleaning tools has been quite conflicting for this population. And for rubber interdental picks, even absent. So these results will help clinicians guiding their daily work.’

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