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Is It Sinus Pain? – Ask the Dentist

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This week’s listener question concerns the relationship between sinus infections and tooth pain. Our skulls can often be compared to a laptop, not just because of its processing power, but also because it has so many intricate parts compressed inside a small space. For this reason, it can often be difficult to differentiate between sinus pain and tooth pain. This can lead to indecision over whether to perform a root canal as well as prolonged pain for the patient. In today’s episode, Dr. B examines the intricate relationship between sinus pain and tooth pain and suggests useful tips for determining which one is the root cause. Tune in to learn how you can tell the difference and hear why it’s important to be patient with your dentist so you can avoid an unnecessary root canal!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The relationship between a sinus infection and tooth pain
  • Why the skull is like a laptop: it has lots of parts compressed into a small space
  • Why there can often be confusion over whether you might need a root canal
  • How inflammation due to maxillary sinusitis can lead to inflammation inside the tooth
  • Some of the methods for determining whether you have sinusitis or an infected tooth
  • How sinusitis and tooth pain respond differently to cold water
  • The debilitating effect that tooth pain can have on an individual
  • Why it’s often helpful to see a specialist like an endodontist
  • How sinus infections can lead to unnecessary root canals

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