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Is your practice in a growing area?

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Did you know that the nation’s total population grew by over 1.15 million people in the past 18 months? The two states that grew the fastest during this time were Texas and Florida, but many other states have seen increases: Nevada, Arizona, Utah, North and South Carolina. But people are not only moving to the sunny states; Washington and Colorado have also seen explosive growth in recent years.

Considering this overall trend of population growth, it stands to reason that marketing opportunities for businesses have also grown as a result. The question is then: What has your dental practice done in response to the population changes in your area?

As new people move to the vicinity, your practice should be able react in order to capitalize on the growth. This is precisely why it is important to partner with a marketing agency that does the research, understands trends, and has the expertise to help your practice enjoy maximum success in an ever-changing market.

It can be difficult to find a marketing partner that takes the time to learn about your practice, your local community, and your goals, but for your practice to achieve meaningful growth, it is imperative that they do. Many generic marketing agencies believe that dental marketing is one size fits all, to be lumped in with other medical professions. They may have had some success with a few practices and then decided that their method can work for any practice. My Dental Agency understands that this is the absolute wrong approach to dental marketing. Each practice is unique, and moreover each market is unique.

MDA is the kind of marketing partner that actually wants to know the particulars of your practice and the surrounding area. That is how we are able to develop customized and flexible marketing strategies for each client. And it all starts with a simple phone call.

We call it the Practice Breakthrough Session. It’s an excellent opportunity for practices to honestly analyze their current marketing plan with our cofounders Jackie and Shawn and discover mistakes they may be making or are about to make. In one quick (30 minutes) session, we can walk through the steps your practice needs to break through “business as usual” into maximum profitability.

During the session, you will receive valuable tips for marketing your practice in today’s “age of agile” where speed, focus, and action are essential for success. Together, we will work on a strategy that is not only doable, but can also be implemented immediately―not just a collection of dry reading material that will sit unread in your inbox.

The goal of the call is to identify all the positive aspects of your practice and show you how to leverage them into value-added features that make your practice stand out from the others in the area. It is also to search for and identify any “pain points” hiding inside your current marketing plan that may be turning existing patients off or keeping new patients from walking in the door.

We will discuss the power of using the “3 Rs” (Relationship, Reputation, and Retention) to easily grow your practice by taking advantage of the most up-to-date technologies available. We will focus on how you are communicating with existing and potential patients, identifying the best ways for your practice to effectively get its message out and make sure that message resonates with the people you want to target.

MDA’s goal is to help dental practices understand new ways to get the most from a marketing partnership. The Practice Breakthrough Session is an important first step in that process. We may discover that you simply need to supplement what you are currently doing or maybe even take an entirely new approach. Either way, your breakthrough session will provide relevant information that will help you position your practice properly within your particular market.

Information is power, and staying informed about changes happening in your area can be very powerful in growing revenue… especially in the hands of a marketing partner that truly understands your practice’s culture and goals.

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