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Jan/Feb 2022 – Dentistry Today

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Getting Started With 3D Printing
Dr. Julia Latham explains the workflow in an office using 3D printing. She shares an example case in which she fabricated retainers ahead of time for a patient with orthodontic brackets, allowing the retainers to be ready at the debonding appointment.

A Novel Approach to the Internal Sinus Lift
Drs. Phillip M. Walton, Matthew J. Fien, and Israel Puterman present a simplified process of sinus membrane elevation by applying a disco-elastic putty graft through the osteotomy.

How Occlusion Can Affect a Single Tooth Replacement
Dr. Robert A. Lowe discusses how occlusion affects the longevity and predictability of even a simple single-tooth restoration.

Thermo-Viscous Technology: Trailblazing New Composites That Are Flowable and Sculptable
Dr. Peter Auster explains the use of thermo-viscous technology to modulate a nanohybrid material that switches from flowable to sculpt able using precisely dosed light and heat.

A New Composite for Everyday Dental Treatment
Dr. Ross Nash evaluates a new and trending adaptive color matching technology in restorative dentistry. He demonstrates how this innovative product cosmetically matches the shade spectrum of the patients’ teeth–from A1 to D4–with one shade.

Clinical Solutions for Removing Excess Cement
Drs. Nathaniel Lawson, Preshtha Mangla, and Chadani Mantri explain that the easiest and most cost-effective method to clean excess residual cement from newly placed restorations is by using dental floss. However, the practitioner should note the differences in these products and the effectiveness of each type.

The Gummy Smile and How to Improve It: The When, Why, and How for Success
Dr. Josh Brower shows how using hypermobile lip surgery is effective for treating excessive gingival display and has good long-term results when performed correctly.

FOCUS ON: Hypochlorous Acid
Kevin Keane, COO of Dentaqua, makes the case for HOCl being an ideal disinfectant for a dental clinic.

VIEWPOINT: Evolving Dental Education With Technology

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