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Lares Research Partners with Univet North America

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Lares Research is proud to announce its new partnership with an international company Univet North America. This collaboration will elevate standards in the field of dentistry, providing dental professionals with cutting-edge equipment offering top-quality results.

Since founding in 1956, Lares Research has produced innovative, precision-performance dental equipment. Their products are crafted by their skilled in-house engineers and manufacturing experts and have consistently won accolades, including “Best Products Tested” and “Most Innovative Product.”

Univet, founded in 1997, demonstrates the tradition of Italian design excellence in crafting high-quality eyewear for healthcare professionals. Their intricate loupes and headlight systems combine premier elegance with outstanding optical technology, ensuring that each user has a unique pair of loupes tailored to their professional and physical needs.

The partnership between Univet North America and Lares Research will provide dental professionals with the products they need to ensure superior patient and practitioner care. Their products prioritize best practices for positive patient outcomes and user safety and are engineered for precision performance and excellent ergonomics.

Lares Research and Univet are also committed to providing customers with outstanding customer service. Throughout their service experience, customers can expect to work with the same handpiece and loupe representative, who will develop an understanding of their practice or group to ensure that all recommended products are tailored to customers’ individual needs.

“We are excited to partner with Univet North America to provide dental professionals with innovative best-in-class products at a factory direct price point. Dental professionals across North America can schedule product demonstrations and support with their local Univet sales representative. Our field sales force solely focuses on our award-winning handpieces, innovative magnification loupes, and accessories. Therefore, the dental professional will receive highly knowledgeable support and first-class customer experience.” said Christian Godoy, President and CEO of Lares Research. “Our years of experience in the industry and commitment to excellent customer service will help ensure that each customer is provided with the perfect product for their needs.”

For more information about Lares Research and its products or to schedule a product demonstration, please visit www.laresdental.com. To learn more about Univet North America, please visit www.univetoptics.com.

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