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Looking back on 2020 and forward to 2021 – Dentistry Online

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As we head for the finish line of 2020, Chris Barrow pauses for thought to look back at the year and asks ‘What just happened?’

In this vlog, Chris splits the year into four very distinct quarters.

First quarter

What pandemic? As the first quarter rolled out, there was an increasing realisation that the pandemic was serious. And it was consequently something that would affect our everyday lives.

Second quarter

The second quarter was certainly dealing with the shock of lockdown 1.0. The first few days of lockdown were greeted with uncertainty, until the government announced its support packages.

This was followed with weeks and weeks of staying in touch with patients and teams via Zoom. And working out ways to navigate through the tough times.

Third quarter

This was the return to work quarter. But questions revolved around how do we learn the new procedures, SOPs, adjust to PPE. What’s fallow time? How do we run a profitable business in these times?

Fourth quarter

This has been a varied quarter. We’ve experienced lockdown 2.0, tiered approaches around the UK.

In the private sector, there has also been an unprecedented demand for private dentistry. Both from an existing community and new arrivals from those unable to access NHS appointments.

Next year

Looking forward, Chris believes there will be more uncertainty. We don’t know whether Christmas will lead to an increase in transmission rates. Nor do we know when the effects of the vaccine will become widely felt in the community.

It might be a long time before we see dentistry regulators and authorities relax the patient journey.

‘The advice I’m giving to clients at the moment is pace not race,’ Chris Barrow says. ‘It is going to be a relatively long time before we see any kind of normality.

‘So these groundhog days we’re in, are due to continue for some time.’

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