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Menlo Brokers Southwest Region Dental Practice Group Sales Totaling $75M

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Menlo Dental Transitions is pleased to announce the successful collective sales of multiple dental practices to three dental partnership organizations. The practice transitions brokerage represented 25 orthodontic and pediatric practices across the Southwest U.S. during the transactions. The groups of practices sold for a total of $75 million.

“Multiple orthodontic and pediatric practice owners had reached out to our firm saying, ‘I received an offer from a corporate group. What should I do?’” said Menlo Dental Transitions Principal Matt Porter, MBA, CVA. “These dentists did exactly what any dentist should do when approached with an unsolicited offer: enlist the help of an experienced broker.”

Dental partnership organizations, dental service organizations and other corporate groups have increased their market share across the U.S. in recent years. Recognizing these trends, Menlo Dental Transitions offered its services to help dentists who had been approached by one of these groups to navigate complex transactions and to do so collectively.

“A corporate sale is the best option for some dentists, and we strive to help them maximize their practice value during these types of sales,” Porter said. “By negotiating collectively and with the help of a broker, dentists are able to extract more value from their practices than they could on their own.”

About Menlo Dental Transitions

Menlo Dental Transitions is a dental practice transitions brokerage headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. We specialize in practice sales and valuations across the United States and have successfully sold hundreds of practices. Please visit www.menlotransitions.com to learn more about our proven processes and contact us if you are interested in selling your practice or participating in any future DSO group sales.

Our team of experts will help you evaluate your options and develop a sales strategy to ensure you receive maximum value for your practice.

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