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Nearly nine in 10 people believe good oral care benefits overall health

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Around 85% of people believe good oral care has an impact on overall health. 

This is according to new research carried out by GSK.

But in the UK this figure drops to 80%. The study also reveals that the specific benefits were not well known by participants.

Only 29% of UK consumers are unaware that good oral health can support a healthier pregnancy.

This link had the lowest global awareness among participants.

Wider benefits of oral health

Other findings include:

  • Only 40% of consumers in the UK were aware of the link between oral health and diabetes
  • Less than half (45%) of UK consumers knew that good oral care can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Jonathan Workman is area general manager for Great Britain and Ireland at GSK Consumer Healthcare.

‘As one of the world’s largest providers of specialist oral health, it is our responsibility to support healthcare professionals across dentistry and pharmacy professions to educate consumers on the wider benefits of oral healthcare, outside of the mouth,’ he said.

‘By drawing a stronger light on the wider benefits of good oral care and regular visits to the dentist – as part of a holistic self-care routine – our ambition is to further relieve pressure on our health services.’

‘Defamatory’ reviews

This comes as a judge awarded $170,000 – around £125,000 – to a dentist after a patient left her a one-star Google review.

The six-figure sum was handed to Dr Allison Dean from Kew Periodontics and Dental Implants, Australia, who carried out the action.

According to the court report, it said the patient posted four defamatory Google claims under various names.

The patient accused Dr Dean of being ‘unprofessional’ and failing to diagnose various illnesses.

However she said the one star was given for the practice appearance. She wrote: ‘I’ll give a 1 star for the beautiful/worldly consulting room only.’

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